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Everyone has at least a few basic tools, such as a hammer, screwdriver and measuring tape; and seasonal tools, such as a lawnmower and garden hose. Some people even have power tools and a garage set up as a work area. Disorganization for basic hand tools, bigger power tools, and even seasonal tools is a problem for the novice and the expert alike. Take this quiz and find out how your can organize your tools.

What is the first thing you should do when organizing your tools?

First things first: You need to figure out what tools you actually have. So, take out all your tools and make an inventory of your stock.


Organize your tools into:

Once you've completed an inventory, organize your tools into three different categories: hand tools, power tools and seasonal tools.


What roadblock will you likely run into when organizing your tools?

Many tools come with accessories. It may be a challenge to figure out what to do with all the accessories. Develop a system that works best for you.


Most families own ____ hand tools.

You can find at least five hand tools in most households, including a hammer, screwdriver and pliers.


What type of tool is the easiest to lose?

Hand tools, which are any tools that do not use electricity or batteries, are the easiest to lose and misplace.


Most people simply need ________ to properly organize their hand tools.

Many people don't own a tool box, but it's worth the investment. A simple tool box can greatly help with your hand tool organization.


A tool box should have:

Shop wisely. A good tool box should: be the appropriate size for your needs, have several compartments and have a good handle.


Consider purchasing a stationary tool box if:

You may want a larger stationary tool box if you own a lot of tools or if you work primarily out of your workroom or garage.


Which power tool do many people own?

Many people own at least a few power tools, such as a drill, a belt sander and a circular saw. It is relatively easy to store a minimal amount of power tools.


How should you store your power tools if you have a small collection?

If you own a limited number of power tools, buy a big enough tool box to store all of them together.


What is a common way to store power tools if you have a bigger collection?

Purchase a series of containers to store your power tools if you have a big collection. Store these containers on your workbench.


Why should you store your power tools in containers?

Consider purchasing containers that seal properly for storing your power tools. This will help prevent water damage.


Why should you avoid storing your power tools on the ground?

Never store your power tools on the ground. In the event of a flood, you would likely lose everything. Keep your power tools safe by keeping them on your workbench.


Where should you store your power tools if you use them frequently?

Consider building or buying a cabinet for your power tools if you use your power tools frequently. Storing your power tools in a big cabinet makes them more accessible.


What is an example of a seasonal tool?

The definition of a seasonal tool really depends on the climate you live in. If you live in a colder climate, then items like a hose, lawnmower and pruning sheers are considered seasonal tools.


Seasonal tools are typically _________ than non-seasonal tools.

Seasonal tools are generally larger than non-seasonal tools. A lawnmower, hose, hedge trimmer and leaf blower can take up a lot of room in your garage.


How should you store large seasonal tools?

Seasonal tools don't need to take up a lot of space in your garage. Consider hanging them from the ceiling using specialized hooks.


How should you store small seasonal tools?

Consider storing your rakes, hose and shovels in a bucket. Put all your smaller seasonal tools, like pruning sheers, in one container.


How should you organize small tool accessories?

Many tool boxes come equipped with small compartments for easy organization of tool accessories. Small plastic organizers also serve the same function.


What item can help your organize your tool accessories?

You can use a large magnet to organize your metal tool accessories. Magnets help keep everything together.


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