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High-efficiency washing machines have consumers' heads spinning with all the choices available. Knowing how high-efficiency washers work can save you some cash and may help you make an informed purchase. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about top load washers and their energy efficiency.

High-efficiency front-loading washing machines use less:

High-efficiency front-loading washing machines use less water than conventional top-loading machines.


How does the price of a high-efficiency front-loading washing machine compare to a conventional top-loading machine?

The fashionable front-loader is more expensive.


What kind of laundry detergent should be used with a high-efficiency front-loading washing machine?

Use high-efficiency laundry detergent, indicated by the HE label. HE detergent is non-sudsing.


What style washing machine may you see in a home design magazine?

Front-loaders are considered the fashionable washing machine, and are a must have for trendy consumers.


Why may you need to wash fewer loads of laundry if using a high-efficiency machine?

High-efficiency front-loading washing machines have larger capacity tubs and can wash more per load.


How do front-loaders use less water to wash clothes?

Front-loaders use a tumbler to cycle the clothes and need less water. Use of non-sudsing detergent cuts the rinsing time, also decreasing the amount of water necessary to rinse clothes clean.


How much water may a high-efficiency machine save compared to a conventional top-loader?

You may save around 40 percent if you use a high-efficiency machine.


Why may front-loaders have larger capacity tubs?

Front-loaders do not have an agitator, which takes up a lot of space in the tub that could be used for additional capacity.


What is a washing machine agitator?

The washing machine agitator is a component of a top-loading washing machine, the purpose of which is to move clothes around the tub during the wash cycle.


Why may items laundered in a top-loading machine need more drying time than items laundered in a front-load machine?

A top-loading machine is less effective at removing water during the spin cycle, and laundered items may need more drying time.


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