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You say you're a voracious reader, but have you read the most popular books of all time? Take this quiz to find out what books have held the world's interest. (And find out why figuring out which books have sold the most is an inexact science.)

What book holds the Guinness World Record for best-selling book?

It's a safe bet that the Bible is always flying off the shelves.


What's one reason that reported numbers of books sold are unreliable?

It's hard to say if the Bible or the Quran, for instance, has sold "more" copies.


What's another reason book sales aren't always totally accurate?

And publishers might have a vested interest in manipulating sales figures.


Who was the first author to sell over a million ebooks?

In 2010, publisher Hatchette announced Patterson had the record.


What book's exact sales figures are a ballpark -- but probably belongs as a top seller -- for its perennial popularity?

Written in 1612 and still read to this day, it's fair to say that Cervantes sold a lot of books.


What book holds the distinction of selling the most copies in 24 hours?

Anyone around in 2007 can attest to buying and devouring the book the day it came out.


What reference book is the best-selling of all time?

The Chinese language dictionary is the winner.


What's the best-selling annual publication?

Formerly the "Guinness Book of Records," it's the leader with 132,002,542 copies sold since 1955.


What famous fantasy book is a top seller?

Over 150 million copies sold.


What's the youngest author of a best-selling book series?

Author of the "Inheritance" series, which he started at the age of 15.


What is the best-selling Harry Potter book?

But give the others time, and they'll probably catch up.


About how many copies has "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" sold?

But note like all the books, it's still difficult to pin down the exact number.


What book is the biggest-seller for an American author?

Dan Brown's 2003 book is the first title to appear for an American author.


"Dream of the Red Chamber" is an 18th century book from what country?

The Chinese text has spawned an entire field of literary study.


What Depression-era self-help book became an sensation (and top seller)?

Author Napoleon Hill certainly found a way to think and grow rich when he wrote this book that has sold about 70 million copies.


What serialized book is a top seller?

The British book about a fantastic journey into Africa was enormously popular and was published near the end of the 19th century.


What famous mystery is a top seller?

Agatha Christie's book about a mysterious group of travelers has one of the top places on the list.


What French story takes a top spot on the list of best-sellers?

The sweet story has been translated into 230 different languages and dialects.


"The Hobbit" is also a top seller. How many books was in its first printing?

And if you have one of those first 1,500, you better put it in a locked safe.


What Oxford academic gets a spot as a top-selling author?

"The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe" has sold over 85 million copies.


What children's book has been consumed by a ravenous public?

Eric Carle's sweet crawler has sold over 30 million.


What doctor has a place on the top-selling list?

Dr. Benjamin Spock's perennially popular "The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care" has sold over 50 million copies.


What book sold over nine million copies in the first 24 hours after it went on sale?

Although the last installment sold more in a 24-hour period, nine million is no small feat.


What favorite teen book has sold over 60 million copies?

J.D. Salinger's novel of adolescent angst probably won't go out of style for a long while.


What author has seven books that have sold more than 50 million copies each?

Rowling clearly cast a Revealing Spell to make money appear in her bank account.


What Canadian author belongs in the over 50-million-copies-sold club?

Anne Shirley would be overcome by all the kindred spirits reading about her, I'm sure.


What book -- originally published in Italian -- has sold more than 50 million copies?

Umberto Eco's tale of sordid monks has been a big hit.


Switzerland is represented on the over-50-million list by what book?

Originally published in two parts, Johanna Spyri's book has become a favorite of children the world over.


One Russian author has a book that sold over 50 million copies. Who was it?

Although "Lolita" was published in English, not Russian.


"The Alchemist" has sold 65 million copies since its publication in 1988. Who wrote it?

The Brazilian Coelho wrote the best-selling Portuguese novel.


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