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During the winter a lot of us have a tendency to put off things till spring. The thing is, spring eventually comes and we have to prepare for spring cleaning by making an inventory of the cleaning tools we will need. Take this quiz to see what you'll need.

What tends to happen in the winter?

Homes tend to be kept closed and become a little stuffy, while all kinds of things wait for better weather.


What are the signs of spring approaching?

The sun rises earlier, sets later, and the buds begin to sprout on the trees.


What is it about winter that causes us to postpone tasks and stay at home?

There seems to be a general feeling that you just have to get through the cold of the winter while waiting for the warmth and freshness of spring.


To clean furniture, what type of spray polish is better for regular use?

Actually, spray polishes can lead to a waxy buildup or even damage the wood.


How effective are liquid and semi-solid furniture polishes for routine dusting?

They are good for polishing but not for routine dusting.


What is a good tool for dusting?

A feather duster is good for dusting.


What type is recommended?

Ostrich feather dusters are considered the best feather dusters.


Why is this particular feather recommended?

It has a broad surface and is finely woven so it traps dust until it is shaken out.


What other material is used for dusters?

Lambswool also makes a good duster.


What is the advantage of this particular material?

It traps dust but does not generate an electrostatic charge.


What does a good duster cost?

A good lambswool or ostrich feather duster costs about $10.


What is one of the main problems related to spring cleaning?

The use of strong chemical cleaners can cause skin irritation.


What can you do about this problem?

You should wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.


Is there an environmentally friendly solution?

There are green cleaners that are less harmful to your skin and the environment.


What other problem is there with spring cleaning?

There is a possibility of germ infection.


Is a mop always a good way to wash the floor?

The problem is that accumulated grime on the mop head will just move dirt around, not clean.


How are floors in hospitals washed?

Reusable microfiber cloth pads are used and changed when soiled.


What does changing mop pads accomplish other than cleaning?

Avoids cross-contamination caused by wringing dirty water into the cleaning bucket and then using that water to clean another area.


How would you clean windows if you had no glass cleaning spray?

Wipe the glass with a solution made of equal parts of vinegar and warm water and then use a squeegee to wipe the window or mirror clean.


What is the environmentally friendly way of combating bacteria on your cleaning sponges?

Instead of throwing them away, microwave them on high for a minute or wash them in chlorine bleach.


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