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"Animaniacs" took animated TV to the max, pushing the boundaries between kid-friendly and adults-only while still managing to get past the censors. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the zany adventures of the Warners and their friends!

Who is not one of the three Warner siblings?

Yakko, Wakko and Dot are the Warner Brothers -- and the Warner Sister! All three are vaguely dog-like black and white creatures inspired by animation styles of the 1930s.


Where have the Warner siblings been living since the 1930s?

In "Animaniacs," the Warners were 1930s cartoon stars. When their stories became too zany for the public to handle, the trio were locked in the water tower on the Warner studio lot.


What is the name of the studio psychologist?

Warner studio psychologist Dr. Scratchansniff is frequently charged with figuring out just why the Warners are so zany. When he fails, he rips his hair out to vent his frustration.


Who is the security guard that is constantly after the Warners?

Ralph the security guard -- who first appeared on "Tiny Toon Adventures" -- spends plenty of time chasing the Warners and attempting to lock them back inside the water tower.


How many seasons did the series run?

"Animaniacs" ran for around 100 episodes over five seasons from 1993 to 1998. The show was well-received and picked up several Daytime Emmy Awards during its run.


What traditional tune is used for the song "Yakko's World?"

In an effort to make learning fun for viewers, "Yakko's World" features Yakko listing all of the countries in the world to the tune of "The Mexican Hat Dance."


What country does Yakko become king of in Season 1?

In the Season 1 episode "King Yakko," Yakko learns that he is the rightful king of Anvilania, but he and his siblings have to keep evil ruler Umlott from stealing the crown.


What tune is used for the song "Wakko's America?"

Wakko sings the names of all 50 states and their capitals to the tune of "Turkey in the Straw" for a Jeopardy-like game in Miss Flamiel's class.


What kind of animals are Pinky and the Brain?

Pinky and the Brain are lab mice that live at Acme Labs. Thanks to various experiments, they're a little bit different from your average mouse.


What is Brain's greatest goal in life?

Brain spends every evening plotting to take over the world. Pinky usually helps him in his efforts but is largely just along for the ride.


What subject do the Warners sing about to the tune of the "William Tell Overture?"

All three Warners join forces to sing "The Presidents Song" to the tune of the "William Tell Overture." The song lists every U.S. President from George Washington to Bill Clinton.


What is the name of the grumpy female squirrel on the show?

Slappy the squirrel lives in a tree with her nephew Skippy and often has to put her arch enemy Walter Wolf in his place.


What kind of creatures are the Goodfeathers?

Squit, Pesto and Bobby are a trio of pigeons who form a mafia-like group called the Goodfeathers. They live on a statue in Central Park and answer to a mob boss known as Godpigeon.


What is the name of Colin's favorite friend?

Young boy Colin appears on the show simply to tell viewers about the outrageous exploits of his friend Randy Beaman.


Who stars in the "Good Idea/Bad Idea" segments?

Mr. Skullhead started on "Tiny Toon Adventures," where he originated from Elmyra's skull hair bow. On "Animaniacs," he is the unfortunate star of the "Good Idea/Bad Idea" segments.


What is the name of the singing alley cat on the show?

Rita and Runt have their own segment on "Animaniacs." The homeless but happy duo consists of a singing cat named RIta and a dog named Runt, and the two happen to be best friends.


What does Minerva do when she sees a hot guy?

The Marilyn Monroe-inspired Minerva Mink is slightly boy-crazy and melts into a puddle whenever a good looking guy catches her eye.


What kind of creature is Buttons?

In the "Buttons and Mindy" segments, poor Buttons the dog spends all of his time trying to keep his young human Mindy out of trouble. Even when he manages to save the day, Buttons usually ends up being blamed for Mindy's antics.


Who is the fairy in "Wakko's Wish?"

In the 1999 movie "Wakko's Wish," a fairy named Pip falls from a star after Wakko makes a wish to save a sick Dot.


Who invades Warnerstock in "Wakko's Wish?"

After the king dies, King Salazar the Pushy from nearby Ticktockia invades Warnerstock, leaving it up to the Warner siblings to save the day.


What tells us the lesson that we should learn?

Need to add an appropriate moral to a slightly inappropriate cartoon? Give the Wheel of Morality a spin and pick up such golden advice as "Never ask what hot dogs are made of."


Which team of side characters on the show got their own spin-off?

Pinky and the Brain were so popular that they got their own series. It later became "Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain" when Elmyra Duff from "Tiny Toon Adventures" joined the show.


Who is "jumbo-sized and wears a disguise?"

Chicken Boo is a human-sized chicken who wears disguises to try and fit in with humans. Though his disguises are truly terrible, it usually takes people a while to figure out that he is actually a chicken.


What is the Flame's favorite subject?

The Flame is the tip of a candlestick flame who appears in various episodes to talk about great moments in American history.


What animal does Dr. Jane Embryo study?

Dr. Jane Embryo has made it her mission to study the Hip Hippos. While her heart is in the right place, she has a terrible habit of being flattened while the Hip Hippos look on in bemusement.


What is Katie Ka-Boom best known for?

Katie Ka-Boom is a totally normal 16 year old girl, but when she gets mad, her hair-trigger temper often makes her house explode.


Which of the Warner siblings has a pet?

Dot has a mysterious pet, which she keeps in a white box in her pocket. When the pet is revealed, it's typically monstrous and much too large to fit in such a tiny box.


What is Wakko most afraid of?

In the episode "Clown and Out," viewers learn that Wakko is terrified of clowns. When studio head Thaddeus Plotz hires a clown for Wakko's birthday, the poor clown ends up being sent to Mars.


Who is the Pope in the episode "Hooked on a Ceiling?"

In "Hooked on a Ceiling," the Warners help Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel. When the Pope finally arrives to inspect their work, they learn that his Holiness is actually Steven Spielberg.


Which character becomes a country singer named Bubba-Bo-Bob?

In one Season 1 episode, Brain becomes a country singer named Bubba-Bo-Bob Brain, a la Billy Ray Cyrus. With his country tunes, he hopes to hypnotize his listeners and eventually take over the world.


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