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Developed in Japan, the Toto Washlet is a new toilet mechanism that combines American comfort with European cleaning. Take this quiz to see what you know about this latest toilet design and how it may benefit both the environment and your health.

What type of toilet accessory is popular in Europe?

The bidet is a popular toilet accessory in Europe. Americans prefer to make do with just a flush toilet.


The Toto Washlet was developed in what country?

A Japanese company developed the Toto Washlet to combine the features of a bidet with a flush toilet.


What is unique to the Toto Washlet?

The Toto Washlet combines a flush toilet with a bidet by fitting onto the seat of the flush toilet.


What is the price range of the Toto Washlet?

Prices of the Toto Washlet start around $800 and range up to $2,200.


Do you need to replace your toilet in order to install a Toto Washlet?

The Toto Washlet fits onto most standard flush toilet seats. Before purchasing a Toto Washlet, make sure your existing toilet is compatible. If your prefer a matching set, the Toto Company also manufactures toilets.


How do Toto Washlet models differ?

As the price increases, additional features are included. The most simple C110 includes front and rear cleaning with water and temperature control, plus a heated seat. More expensive models include warm-air drying. plus other features.


How many models of the Toto Washlet are there to choose from?

The Toto Washlet has four different models. The most expensive model includes an air purifier.


How does a Toto Washlet differ from a standard flush toilet?

The Toto Washlet provides a cleansing rinse from water jets and other optional features.


How does the Toto Washlet warm the water used in the cleansing jets?

The Toto Washlet needs an electrical source to operate, including heating the water. An electrical outlet must be located within three feet of the toilet.


Is a plumber required to install the Toto Washlet?

Plumbers are trained to install the Toto Washlet, but you may also try to follow the easy installation instructions.


How does the Toto Washlet claim to help the environment?

The Toto Washlet eliminates the need to use toilet tissue and this saves on paper consumption.


Every year, Americans use _________ rolls of toilet tissue.

Every year, Americans use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet tissue. It takes about 15 million trees to make this amount of toilet tissue.


The Toto Washlet uses more water than a flush toilet. Is that bad for the environment?

The Toto Washlet estimates it uses 1 gallon of water per day for a family, but the production of toilet tissue uses 473 billion gallons of water every year in America. It is possible that the Toto Washlet may save on water.


What does the Toto Washlet use to protect against microorganism growth?

The Toto Washlet uses antimicrobial plastic and a silver ion coating on its self-cleaning nozzle.


Why does the Toto Washlet company claim its product makes using the traditional flush toilet more sanitary?

The Toto Washlet cleans with warm water and water pressure, rather than toilet tissue. Some experts caution about bacteria build-up on the spray nozzle, but recent improvements in antimicrobial materials make this less of a concern.


What medical condition may be soothed by the Toto Washlet?

The Toto Washlet is soothing for those with hemorrhoids, rashes and sensitive skin.


How is the Toto Washlet energy efficient?

You may program the Toto Washlet to shut down after a predetermined length of time to save on energy use.


Why is toilet tissue bad for sewers?

Excessive toilet tissue use is the cause of sewer pipe clogging.


When were many Americans first exposed to the European bidet?

While visiting brothels in France in wartime, many American soldiers discovered European bidets.


Where did the bidet get its name?

Bidet is the French word for pony, which is straddled to sit upon like the bidet.


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