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Tourism is usually regarded as positive by tourist destinations, in terms of recognition and economic development. However, sometimes tourism can be detrimental to a place, whether from vandalism or the ravages caused by too many people being concentrated in an area that had previously been free of a human presence. Take this quiz to learn more about how tourism can kill a destination.

What causes damage or disrupts many recognized tourist destinations?

The damage is caused by the cumulative effect of the large numbers of visitors.


What is the estimated number of pleasure trips in the United States in a given year?

In 2001 there were more than 1.4 billion pleasure trips.


How much does tourism contribute to the economy?

Tourism-related income from hotels, travel, food and shopping in 2008 was $767 billion.


Why was tourism described by scholars as a "devil's bargain"?

While the economic benefits of tourism are welcome, the price that has to be paid is a threat to the environment or to local culture. Sometimes the threat is to both.


What is the attraction of the world's natural wonders?

They are appealing because of their scenery and wild, unspoiled magnificence.


What is probably the most controlled natural attraction?

The Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico is considered one of the most spectacular caves on Earth with its delicate, unspoiled formations. The Park Service limits access to prevent damage.


How many snowmobiles a day are allowed into Yellowstone in the winter?

Just 318 are admitted and only if they use clean, quiet technology to avoid environmental damage.


What is the single greatest enemy of a natural tourism attraction?

Man is, or to be more precise, vandalism.


Who created Yellowstone National Park?

President Ulysses S. Grant created the park in 1872.


What happened to Yellowstone soon after it opened?

Mass destruction. Companies cut down trees, indiscriminately killed wildlife and even diverted some of the hot springs. In addition, some tourists made their ugly contribution through vandalism.


What was done to remedy the situation?

The United States Army occupied Yellowstone for 30 years to restore order.


How has the popularity of Mount Everest affected the environment?

The discarded oxygen bottles, kerosene containers and climbing gear left behind caused the National Geographic Magazine to call Everest "the highest junkyard on Earth."


What is being done about this problem?

In April 2010 a special expedition set out to remove some two tons of garbage from Mount Everest.


What is happening to the Great Wall of China?

Apart from centuries of deterioration due to natural erosion and dismantling by locals, the influx of foreign tourism has hastened the destruction by the removal of bricks as mementos and vandalism.


How was Angkor Wat, a Hindu temple in Cambodia, saved from certain deterioration?

The authorities placed around-the-clock security patrols to prevent theft and vandalism.


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