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The Prius wasn't the first hybrid car, but it's the best-selling and certainly the most iconic. Test-drive your Prius knowledge here, and maybe it'll inspire you to make a change for the greener.

When did the first Prius hit the market?

The Prius was first sold in Japan in 1997; then it went worldwide in 2001.


What's the combined mpg of the third generation Prius, which was unveiled in early 2009?

The 2010 Prius gets 58 mpg city/41 highway.


What was the retail price of the first Prius sold in the United States?

The MSRP of the NHW11 model was $19,995.


What's the retail price of the third generation 2010 Prius?

The base price of the bottom-of-the-line Prius II is $22,000.


The 2010 Prius is now the most fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle in the United States. What car comes in second?

The 2010 Honda Insight is the runner-up with 40 mpg/city, 43/highway.


What's the satisfaction rate among Prius owners?

The Prius topped the annual Consumer Reports survey for the fifth year in a row in 2009, with 93 percent of owners reporting they'd buy one again.


What's one of the biggest changes in the third-generation Prius?

The 2010 Prius has a 1.8-liter engine, up .3 liters from the previous model.


What are the Prius' three driving modes?

Power, economy and EV (which is new on the latest generation). In EV mode, you can drive for a short distance on battery power only.


The 2010 Prius uses bioplastics instead of traditional plastic. What is this bioplastic made from?

The plastic used in the Prius is primarily made from the cellulose found in two plants: kenaf (which is in the hibiscus family) and ramie (a Chinese grass).


About how many Priuses (Priusi? Prii?) have been sold around the world?

As of February 2009, Toyota had sold 1.2 million Priuses.


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