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So you fancy yourself an ace smartphone gamer. But how much do you know about Trainyard and other touchscreen puzzle games? Test your knowledge with our quiz.

When was Trainyard invented?

Trainyard was first released in 2010.


Who created Trainyard?

Canadian game developer Matt Rix developed trainyard in 2009-2010.


What experience inspired the inventor of Trainyard?

The inventor of Trainyard got the idea for the game while riding a commuter train to work.


How many players can work a Trainyard puzzle simultaneously?

Only one player can play a Trainyard puzzle at a time.


Which of these colors is not used in Trainyard?

Aquamarine is not one of the colors used in Trainyard.


What do you use to create tracks in Trainyard?

A player uses his or her finger to draw tracks.


How many solutions can a Trainyard puzzle have?

Trainyard puzzles often have many possible solutions.


Which of these is one of Trainyard's appeals to gamers?

Trainyard has been touted by reviewers for its gradual learning curve.


As Trainyard puzzles become more complex, what do they require more of?

As trainyard puzzles become more complex, they require more trial-and-error experimentation.


What is the typical time limit for a Trainyard puzzle?

Trainyard puzzles do not have a time limit.


What is a puzzle solution uploaded to the Web by another user called?

Puzzle solutions uploaded to the Web by other users are called cheats.


Where is the developer of Trainyard based?

The developer of Trainyard, Matt Rix, is from Canada.


How much does Trainyard cost to download?

Trainyard costs $0.99 to download.


Where were maze puzzles invented?

Maze puzzles were invented in ancient Crete.


How many points does it take to win at Trainyard?

There is no point system in Trainyard.


How thick is the instruction manual for Trainyard?

There is no instruction manual for Trainyard.


Which of these is an actual iPhone puzzle game?

Plants vs. Zombies is a game on sale in the iPhone App store for $1.99


Which of these is not an actual iPhone puzzle game?

Llamas on a Rampage is not an actual iPhone puzzle game.


Trainyard involves which of these types of learning?

Trainyard involves both experiential and collaborative learning.


How many times has the Trainyard Express version of Trainyard been downloaded from the iPhone Apps store?

Trainyard Express has been downloaded more than four million times, according to its promo.


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