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There comes a time in the life of every rancher when he needs to transport his livestock to market, whether by land, sea or air. If you still think nostalgically of how it was done in the Wild West, with cowboys on a cattle drive, take this quiz to see how it's done today.

Which is easier: taking the kids on a long road trip or transporting livestock to market?

This depends on whether you're a parent without livestock, or a rancher without children.


Where is the greater danger of injury to passengers: road trip or transporting livestock?

Livestock are more likely to suffer discomfort or injury.


Is any special care taken when transporting livestock?

Humane treatment of animals being transported is dictated by law.


Other than the law, is there any reason to ensure livestock reaches the slaughterhouse calm, rested and uninjured?

Stressed, frightened or injured livestock will produce inferior quality meat and reduce it's value.


What can scare animals being transported whether pets in a car or livestock in a trailer?

Sudden braking, sharp bends or hitting potholes can scare animals.


What is the most basic requirement of a cattle trailer?

The trailer has to be adequately ventilated and be large enough for the size and number of cattle being transported.


Why is floor-level ventilation important?

Ammonia-laden urine lingers and could cause suffocation.


Is there any reason not to have vents open to the highway?

It is illegal to allow cattle secretions to be released onto the highway.


What weather condition is most detrimental to livestock being transported?

Humid heat without adequate ventilation can be very harmful.


What kind of floor is required in a trailer?

A nonslip floor is needed.


Why is this necessary if the trailer is full?

Animals that slip tend to panic, which could cause them to damage themselves and other animals.


How do you make the floor nonslip?

You can use cross slats of wood or grids of metal.


Can padding the sides of the trailer help?

It can definitely help prevent bruising.


What is the first rule for handling livestock?

Avoid it if you can.


How do you load livestock?

They need to be loaded slowly and quietly to avoid stress and possible injury.


How long does it usually take to calm a spooked animal?

It usually takes about 30 minutes.


To whom do frightened animals pose the greatest threat?

They pose a threat to themselves, other livestock and to their handlers


How do most animals relate to being in close contact with their herd mates?

They don't mind it and often prefer it.


What is an animal's flight zone?

It is in fact a comfort zone and if anyone comes closer they are liable to bolt.


What determines a flight zone?

The more frightened or unsettled, the larger the flight zone.


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