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For almost any type of traveling, it is sound advice to think carefully about travel insurance. Falling ill abroad without insurance might cost you thousands and most people would agree that you shouldn't take risks with this sort of thing. Take this quiz and learn more about travel insurance.

Do all kinds of vacations warrant getting travel insurance?

That may depend on the type of vacation. A low-risk vacation visiting your cousins in Omaha might not be worth insuring, whereas a hang-gliding expedition in the Pyrenees Mountains would obviously warrant getting travel insurance.


Which of these offers travel insurance?

Your credit card company offers travel insurance. Other ways of getting travel insurance are through your travel agent, your insurance broker and travel insurance specialists.


The most basic flight insurance can be as little as:

You can get flight insurance starting from $10. This might cover your death in the event of a plane crash.


Under some comprehensive policies, how much does travel insurance cost?

The general range is about 3-8 percent of the total cost of your trip.


What does a medical/health policy cover?

Such a policy normally covers all medical and dental expenses due to injury and/or illness.


If you have cancellation coverage, what circumstances can you cancel your trip for?

You can cancel for sickness or death of a family member if you have cancellation coverage and this will mean that your insurance pays for the lost monies involved in canceling.


The airport is snowed in and there will be no flights for two days. What travel insurance covers your needing to be put up at a hotel?

Delay coverage deals with this issue. This includes any expenses incurred if the flight is delayed through no fault of your own.


In what ways does travel assistance service your needs?

Travel assistance usually help with lost or stolen passports, wire transfers and legal matters, where needed.


If you are planning to travel, what is the first step in securing travel insurance?

The first step is to call your agent and see if you have any pre-existing coverage.


If you have MasterCard's World Elite card, what do you need to be eligible for certain services?

Certain services require a good credit rating and income in order for you to be eligible.


Under your insurance policy, it's important to know whether expenses are covered up front or:

Check out whether they're paid up front or whether you have to lay out the money first, then wait to be reimbursed.


How much in advance of your trip is the recommended time period for insurance coverage?

It's best to have the two weeks before your trip already covered in case of cancellation, etc.


How much information should you share with your insurance agent?

It's important to say where you're planning to go and what activities of note you plan to do there.


If something is stolen, can you just call the insurance company or do you need to take other action?

It's not enough to call your company. You must also report the theft to the local authorities so as to be able to provide written documentation of the incident.


Adventure tourism has become increasingly popular in recent years. What has this done for the travel insurance business?

The advent and popularity of adventure tourism has led to more circumstances being covered under travel insurance policies.


In 2007, AIG Travel Guard began to offer a "no questions asked" policy. What did this refer to?

The "no questions asked policy" covered 75 percent of the trip cost for last-minute cancellations, regardless of the reason for canceling.


What unusual policy does Travelex offer?

Travelex offers reimbursement for event tickets, such as canceled concerts, etc.


You might have to cancel a trip due to business obligations. What is the most sensible option?

You can get cheap workaholics' insurance in advance, which is tailor-made for people who have unpredictable business arrangements.


There is such a thing as insurance for hurricane warnings. Up to how long before your departure can you cancel a trip for this reason?

You can cancel your trip up to 24 hours before departure due to hurricane warnings.


Citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) can get coverage under the European Health Insurance Card. Which non-EEA country participates in this program?

Switzerland is the one and only non-EEA country to participate in this program.


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