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Vacations are usually long-anticipated and exciting events. However, traveling can be a risky business if you don't come prepared. Take this quiz to learn some travel security tips that will keep you safe during your trip.

What events deter people from traveling?

Many people were scared to fly after 9/11. In addition, there have been rough economic times in recent years. However, millions of Americans continue to travel abroad each year.


What are considered the staple destinations for travel abroad from America?

London, Paris and Rome are considered to be the staple destinations for travel and are still popular. However, Americans have stated traveling to more exotic destinations over recent years.


How many Americans die each year while traveling abroad?

More than 6,000 Americans die each year while traveling internationally. Taking a few precautions can help you stay safe while you are away.


What do you need to check before you travel to a country?

All of these things are good to know, but it is essential that you check for travel alerts or warnings for your destination. You don't want to find yourself caught up in the middle of a civil war.


Where is the easiest place to find out if there are travel warnings for your destination?

Each country has its own government foreign affairs Web site, which details travel warnings and alerts.


How can you ensure that your home country will look out for you if anything happens while you are traveling?

Register with the appropriate department, letting them know the details of your trip and how they can contact you. In the U.S., you should register with the U.S. State Department.


How can you prevent communication problems with the locals if you speak different languages?

Bringing a travel dictionary and learning a few important phrases before you travel, such as "Where is the U.S. Embassy?" or "I need medical help," can make things a lot easier in case of an emergency.


What do you need to check if you are planning on driving a car at your destination?

Not all countries will accept your driver's license. You may need to get an international driving permit. In addition, some countries, such as Great Britain, drive on the opposite side of the road. It is important to be extra careful that you are driving on the correct side and are aware of where other cars are coming from.


Which body system will be hard at work when you travel to a new destination?

A new country also hosts new germs and bacteria that your body may not have been exposed to. This will keep your immune system hard at work fighting off these bugs.


Besides for germs, what else can affect your health while traveling?

Altitude and humidity may also affect your health. Take note of the conditions you will be traveling to and be prepared.


How long before your trip should you get any required vaccinations?

Make sure you are vaccinated one month before you travel to allow the vaccine time to reach its full potency. This may take a few weeks for some vaccines. Also, see your doctor for a check-up to make sure you are fit to travel.


Which of the following is the best way to avoid getting sick?

Washing your hands regularly with warm water and soap, or using an alcohol-based sanitizing gel, will help keep your hands clean and reduce your chances of getting sick.


What should you be wary of in countries with unclean drinking water?

If you are not sure about the water in a county or have been told to avoid drinking it, stick to bottled water if possible or boil your water before you drink it. Be wary of ice cubes -- they are made from tap water and can make you sick if the water in the country is not clean.


What should you bring along if you are visiting a country where malaria is present?

Use an insect repellent containing DEET if malaria is present in the country you are traveling to.


What sort of money should you bring along while you travel?

Avoid carrying cash if you can, or only travel with very small amounts. Instead, use traveler's checks or credit cards which can be replaced if lost or stolen.


How can you avoid being pickpocketed?

Try and make your money as inconspicuous as possible. You may want to hide it in a money belt, which you wear under your clothing, or you can spread it around your body in small amounts, so that if some is stolen you will still have the rest. Women should take purses with a thick strap which should be worn across the chest.


It is best to travel:

Traveling alone is dangerous. You should travel with at least one other person.


At what time of day should you avoid traveling?

It is recommended to limit your outings at night, both on foot and by car. Stick to well-lit areas and areas with lots of people if you are traveling at night.


What signs indicate that you are a tourist to the locals?

Wearing a camera around your neck, walking around with a map and dressing expensively or ostentatiously will make you an obvious target for local thieves. Try to blend in by finding out where you are going ahead of time.


Who should you ask if you need directions?

If you need directions, ask a police officer or go to a hotel or restaurant. Avoid speaking to strangers and know where the nearest U.S. Embassy, police station or hotel is in case you get into trouble.


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