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Traveling with infants can be tough on you, your baby and the other passengers. Take this quiz to learn some valuable tips to help alleviate some of the stress of traveling with infants.

Why should you avoid air travel with babies less than six weeks old?

Babies less than six weeks old have a higher risk for infection than older children do.


What is a bulkhead seat?

Passengers sitting in a bulkhead seat do not have another passenger sitting in front of them, so there is more legroom.


What is a negative of sitting in a bulkhead seat?

You don't have any storage under the seat for your carry-on bag.


Why should you bring your baby's birth certificate when you travel on a plane or train?

You may need to prove your baby's age to qualify for a free ticket on a plane or train. Having identification for your child when you are away from home also makes good sense.


When you travel with a baby, don’t forget the:

Don’t forget the sanitizing wipes.


Because you don't know where you will be changing diapers, what is a good idea to pack for trips with a baby?

A diaper-change pad is a great item to have in your diaper bag.


Where will your baby sit if you take advantage of the free flight option for babies under two years old?

Your baby will sit in its favorite seat, on your lap.


If you buy a ticket for your baby, where does the baby sit?

If you buy a ticket, your baby will have an assigned seat that you can strap a car seat into. An advantage of this is that you will have your car seat available for use when you arrive at your destination, and you will be more comfortable when flying.


What carrying apparatus for your baby leaves your hands free?

A baby sling leaves your hands free, and you will need them to contend with the security check at the airport.


What happens to your baby stroller when you fly?

Many airlines will let you roll your baby stroller up to the gate, and then check it in.


Why should you avoid tap water on airplanes?

The tap water on airplanes has a poor reputation for cleanliness. Use bottled water for your baby.


While flying, what may alleviate your baby's ear pain when the air pressure changes?

Sucking on a pacifier or a bottle can help alleviate your baby's ear pain.


Infant car seats reduce infant fatal injuries by what percent, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration?

For infants younger than one year old, fatal injuries are reduced by 71 percent.


How much should your baby weigh before you should move its infant car seat to the front seat of your car?

When the infant reaches 20 pounds, the car seat can be moved to the front of the car.


When the outside temperatures reaches 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 C), how long will it take for the car's interior to reach close to 120 degrees Fahrenheit?

It can take only 20 minutes for the interior of the car to reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit.


Why may a train be an good way to travel with an baby?

You can book a sleeping compartment on a train.


What is Traveler's Aid?

Traveler's Aid is a nonprofit group whose purpose is to help travelers in crisis. They have help desks at airports, bus and train stations.


What type of hotel accommodation may be the most comfortable when traveling with children?

A suite is the most comfortable hotel accommodation when traveling with children, and a kitchen may be included.


What should you do before you let a toddler loose in a hotel room?

Check the room for dangerous items before you let your toddler loose.


What is the best way for you to respond to your crying baby?

If you become anxious it will only increase your baby's anxiety, so stay calm.


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