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Organizing the transport of your pet from one place to another can be a hassle, especially if you are taking your pet overseas. Take this quiz to see how pet traveling services can make your life easier.

What do pet traveling services help with?

Pet traveling services help with the logistics of moving your pet from one place to another. Their role is similar to that of a travel agent, finding and booking optimal travel arrangements, preparing travel documents and making sure there are no surprises along the way.


What is the problem with sedating a pet while traveling?

Sedatives can drop a pet's respiration, heart rate and temperature, which can be very dangerous if an animal is stuck down in an airplane cargo hold unsupervised, especially at high altitudes.


Which is the preferred method of animal travel?

Ground transportation is the preferred method for relocating pets. However, thousands of pets travel by plane or freight every year.


By law, who can send a pet as cargo?

Federal Aviation Administration regulations have recently changed, ruling that cargo will only be accepted from a known shipper. This means that you will have to use a professional pet shipper if you want to send your pet as cargo.


What are conditions like in the cargo hold of a plane?

The cargo hold is an insulated, pressurized and climate-controlled compartment, so it is as safe for humans to travel down there as it is for animals.


What considerations do you need to take when finding a kennel?

Make sure that you buy a secure kennel for your pet. You don't want it escaping in the airport.


How big does the kennel need to be?

The animals needs to be able to stand, lie down and turn around comfortably in the kennel. However, the kennel needs to be small enough that it will fit in the cargo deck.


How do airlines charge for sending your pet as cargo?

The price of sending your pet as cargo is determined by the weight of the pet and the crate.


When is the busiest time of day for pet taxis?

Early evening, when pet owners get home from work, is the busiest time for pet taxis. It is best to call in advance to book a pet taxi and allow 20 minutes for the taxi to get to you.


What type of pets are regular taxis required to allow into their cars?

Taxis are required to take guide dogs, but are allowed to refuse to take other pets in their car. This has led to the need for pet taxis.


In what year was the first pet taxi service established?

Larry Reilly started Pet Taxi in New York in 1995. Since then, competitors have arisen and the idea has spread around America.


What sort of facilities do pet taxis offer?

Pet taxis are generally equipped with crates, water dishes and travel safety devices for you pet.


What other function may pet taxis have?

Pet taxis sometimes function as an ambulance, catering for animals with special needs by providing ramps and stretchers. Some pet taxis offer pet grooming, walking, day care and even boarding services.


Who must accompany a pet when traveling with a pet taxi?

Pets may travel unaccompanied in a pet taxi.


How much can you expect to pay if your pet is chauffeured unaccompanied from Manhattan to Ney York's Kennedy Airport?

You can expect to pay around $180 for just your pet to get from Manhattan to Kennedy Airport.


Your pet cannot be shipped if it is under __ old.

A pet cannot be shipped if it is younger than eight weeks old.


If two puppies or kittens each weigh less than __ pounds then they may travel in the same crate.

If each animals weighs less than 20 pounds they will be allowed to travel together.


If you are taking a pet on a plane or ship you must present a health certificate for your pet to the airline or shipping company. Within how many days before departure does the certificate need to have been issued?

The health certificate has to have been issued within 10 days before your departure date.


How can you help reduce stress on your pet while traveling?

Getting you pet accustomed to their crate before traveling can help to reduce the stress they will experience being inside it for a long time during travel.


What must you account for when traveling to certain countries when considering the time you will be apart from your pet?

Some countries will require that your pet remain in quarantine for certain periods. This will lengthen the amount of time you are separated from you pet during travel. A travel service representatives can be arranged to meet the pet when it arrives at customs, will guide it through the quarantine process and will deliver it to its destination.


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