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Tree stands are used to give deer hunters improved visibility for making a kill. Safety should be the first concern for hunters who use deer stands, as heights and guns are a dangerous mix. Take this quiz to learn about how to set up a tree stand.

What is the main purpose of a tree stand in hunting?

The main purpose is to maximize the hunter's field of vision.


What is considered a low height for a tree stand?

A low height is 12 feet (4 meters) off the ground.


How high may some hunters install a tree stand?

Some hunters go as high as 35 feet.


Which stand is attached to a tree?

A fixed stand is attached to a tree with ropes, chains or straps.


What stand is easier to get up and down from?

The ladder stand is the easiest to climb into and get down from.


What type of stand is a good choice for terrain without many trees?

A tower stand is a freestanding structure and a good choice for terrain without many trees.


Before you select a tree stand, what should you do?

Check for any restrictions on tree stands in the area you will be hunting.


What is a sign that deer are in an area?

Deer scat is an indication that deer are in an area.


What is a sign that a tree is not strong?

Dead limbs and other decay are indicators that a tree is not strong.


What kind of bark indicates a tree suitable for a tree stand?

Trees with semi-rough bark work well for tree stands.


What direction should you face when hunting from the stand?

For best results, face toward the deer signs.


Why do some hunters set up their tree stand several days before the hunt?

Setting up the tree stand in advance can give the deer a chance to acclimate to the new structure.


A tree stand is useful for hunting with what type of weapon?

Rifle hunters and bow hunters use tree stands.


What safety equipment may prevent serious injury from a fall?

Use a safety harness.


Where do climbing sticks attach to?

Climbing sticks attach to the tree trunk.


What equipment can give you a foothold onto a tree?

Install tree steps to get a foothold.


How are tree steps attached to trees?

Some tree steps are screwed into the tree and others are attached by straps.


What is a sign of deer feeding?

Signs of deer feeding include short clipped plants.


How do you get 35 feet up a tree?

To reach higher heights you will need climbing gear.


Why should you pass on using a random tree stand?

Do not use a random tree stand, since the quality of construction and stand maintenance is unknown.


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