Quiz: Fact or Fiction: Tretinoin
Fact or Fiction: Tretinoin
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If you've reached a certain age, chances are you've battled a pimple or two. For many people, a dab of basic blemish cream does the trick, but some folks need more serious acne treatment. Test your knowledge with this tretinoin quiz.

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Tretinoin is commonly known as Retin-A when it's in anti-acne pill form.
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Tretinoin is a form of vitamin D.
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If you're pregnant or breast-feeding, you should take topical tretinoin instead of the oral form.
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Minors who take tretinoin have to participate in the iPledge program to ensure they use the drug correctly.
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Oral tretinoin should be taken with the antibiotic tetracycline.
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You can also use topical tretinoin to reduce signs of aging caused by sun damage.
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In fact, tretinoin has been shown to reverse the aging process -- it's the only product that can legally claim to do so.
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