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A forced-air system is an efficient way to distribute warm or cool air to every room of your home. Learning some basic troubleshooting skills may help you to maintain the unit. Take this quiz to see how to blow away the troubles in your forced-air distribution system.

When a forced-air system is out of balance, what may be the result?

The result may be an uneven distribution of hot or cold air.


When a system is out of balance, what may be the cause?

The cause may be improperly set ducts and registers.


How can you tell if a damper is in the open position?

When in the open position, the damper will be turned parallel to the top and bottom of the ducting.


How can you improve the flow of warm air through your home?

To increase the flow of warm air, raise the speed of the blower.


How can you decrease the noise from a forced-air system?

Decreasing the blower speed may decrease the noise.


What type of insulation may be used for ducts?

Fiberglass insulation may be used to wrap ducts.


Forced-air systems are fueled by electricity, gas or:

Forced-air systems are fueled by electricity, gas or oil.


What happens to the cold air that is returned to the furnace?

The cold air is rewarmed and distributed.


A forced-air system may be used for what purpose other than heating?

A forced-air system may also be used to distribute cooled air from a central air conditioner.


What are big problems for forced-air systems?

Forced-air systems rarely malfunction, but big problems may involve noise and airflow blockage.


What may cause airflow blockage?

Dirt and furniture items blocking the registers may cause airflow blockage.


When balancing the system, what should you do to the furnace?

Run the furnace while balancing the system.


How do you adjust blower speed?

To change blower speed, adjust the pulley on the blower motor drive.


What happens if the motor and blower pulley become unbalanced?

The result may be an increase of noise from the blower and a decrease in efficiency of the distribution system.


What tool should you use to check pulley alignment?

Use a carpenter's square to check for alignment.


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