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For many people, fishing is one of the best examples of man-versus-nature activities, and trout fishing is regarded as the most prestigious. This is because trout fishing is considered a minor art form. So, before you grab your gear and head off for the river, take a few moments to complete this quiz and possibly improve your catch.

How many Americans fish every year?

There are almost 7 million anglers in the U.S.


How many anglers are involved in catching 90 percent of all the trout?

Some 700,000 anglers (or 10 percent) catch 90 percent of all the trout.


What do you need to succeed in trout fishing?

You need a deep understanding of the fish and the water as well as the right equipment.


Is there such a thing as too much gear?

While you should be prepared for different situations, you do need to remember that you have to carry all that gear from your vehicle to the stream and back. You be the judge.


What kind of rod would you use in a small stream?

A small stream has smaller fish and so an ultralight rod of 4 to 5 feet (1.2 to 1.5 meters) would be best.


What will give you most flexibility?

A reel with a fully exposed spool at the front will give you most flexibility combined with the ultralight rod.


What type of line should you use for trout?

Since trout are considered "line shy," you should use fluorocarbon which is nearly transparent in the water.


What line weight should you use?

Use 2 to 4 pound (0.9 to 1.8 kilogram) test weight line.


In a large stream what kind of rod should you use?

You should use a medium to heavy action, 6 to 7 feet (1.8 to 2.1 meters) long rod.


What line is best for this rod?

You should use 6 to 15 pound (2.7 to 6.8 kilogram) line.


Where is the reel mounted in spin-cast equipment?

It is mounted to the top of the rod.


Why choose the heavier monofilament line for spin-casting in bigger streams?

The heavier line is used to prevent it bunching up inside the cover.


What is the easiest form of fishing for a newcomer?

Using live bait is probably the most effective way to begin.


If an angler tells you he prefers hellgrammites, what is he referring to?

They are aquatic larvae used as bait.


What is a split shot?

It is a small lead pellet attached above the hook to make sure there is enough weight to hold the bait down.


Which lures wobble and twist in the water imitating the movements of baitfish?

Spoons are concave metal lures that wobble in the water.


What are waders?

They are rubber leg coverings that reach the upper thigh or higher.


What is the purpose of a fishing vest?

They act as a tackle box so all your essential lure, hooks and so on are with you and your hands are left free.


What is the D-ring on the back of the vest for?

It's there to secure a landing net.


What is a creel?

It is a container for transporting the catch home.


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