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There are thousands of laws out there designed to keep people civil, safe and organized... and then there are those laws that make you scratch your head and wonder how they ever got passed in the first place. Take our quiz to see if you can spot some of the craziest laws on the books!

It is totally illegal for anyone to chew gum in Singapore.

While gum chewing was banned for many years in Singapore, because vandals were using it to block the sensors on mass transit trains, the country loosened restrictions in 2004. Now, you can get gum from a doctor, dentist or pharmacist -- but keep in mind that disposing of the gum illegally is still a very big deal and comes with hefty penalties.


You can't eat on the Spanish Steps in Rome.

To protect ancient monuments, Rome banned eating or drinking around many popular tourist spots, starting in 2012. Anyone caught chowing down or sipping a drink at sites like the Trevi Fountain or the Colosseum can face a fine of up to $650.


Sorority houses in Pennsylvania are technically classifed as brothels.

Rumors about sorority houses in Pennsylvania being illegal because they are technically brothels have spread in various forms for years on the internet, but this is totally not true. Sure, some local zoning laws may restrict the number of people that can live together in a single-family home, but sorority houses are exempt, even in areas with such laws, because they are built to house such a group.


Blasphemy is illegal in Michigan.

Better not bad-mouth God in Michigan -- the state still has laws on the books making blasphemy a misdemeanor. Of course, the last U.S. conviction for blasphemy was way back in 1838, but that doesn't mean you can rest easy.


All kids under 18 must be seen by a doctor before acting in a movie in California.

Believe it or not, this one is partly based in reality. While kids over a month old can act, in accordance with California's strict child actor laws, babies under four weeks of age can't take part in a film unless a pediatrician gives his or her approval. Sorry, babies with big dreams of stardom.


It's illegal for unmarried men and women to share a hotel room in Dubai.

Like the rest of the UAE, Dubai is subject to Sharia law, which means unmarried couples can't share a hotel room. While this law is rarely enforced unless a complaint is filed -- or another crime takes place -- it might be better to book separate rooms to be safe.


You're breaking the law if you wear wooden clogs on the Isle of Capri.

Skip the clogs in Capri. To keep down on noise complaints, the island has banned everything from wooden clogs to power drills, lawn mowers and cement mixers, depending on the time of year. Hey, you're in Italy -- might as well go barefoot.


You can't wear a hat into a West Virginia movie theater.

Believe it or not, it was against the law to wear a hat of any kind into a West Virginia movie theater, because you could obstruct the views of people behind you. Thankfully, the law was repealed in 2010, so it's safe to don your favorite headwear once more.


It's illegal to have an illegitimate child in Mississippi.

The state of Mississippi is totally cool with illegitimate children. Well, if you only have one, that is. People who have two or more illegitimate children in the state are subject to a penalty, which could include 30 days in jail and a fine of $250.


It's illegal to eat fried chicken with a knife and fork in Gainesville, Florida.

Put your utensils away and prepare for some finger-lickin'. In 1961, the city of Gainesville, Florida, made it illegal to eat chicken with utensils. The law was intended as a publicity stunt to show off the town's poultry industry.


Minors can't play pinball in South Carolina.

Put away those quarters kids. It's against the law to play pinball if you are under 18, according to SC State Code 63-19-2430.


You can't transport a dog in a passenger car in Anchorage, Alaska.

The municipality of Anchorage is just fine with people transporting canines via car -- as long as the animal is inside the vehicle, that is. Anchorage does prohibit carrying a dog on the roof.


A pickle must bounce to be fit for consumption in Connecticut.

This is one of those laws that sounds so crazy that it just must be true. It dates back to a 1948 decision by the Connecticut Food and Drug Commission, which declared that one of the criteria of a quality pickle is that it would bounce if dropped.


It's illegal to wear high heels in Carmel, California.

Pack your flats if you're heading to California, ladies. The city of Carmel bans any heels over two inches -- unless you pick up a free permit at City Hall. This helps protect the city from lawsuits caused by trips and falls.


You can't build a sand castle on any of Italy's beaches.

Heading to the beach? Take your buckets and shovels. Sand castles are totally cool on Italy's beaches -- unless you're headed to Eraclea, near Venice, which actually has banned sand castle building entirely.


It's legal to own a tiger in Maryland -- but only one.

Sorry, big cat fans. The State of Maryland bans private ownership of all cats, except for domestic felines.


Two or more people can't stand together wearing masks in New York.

The State of New York bans congregating together while wearing masks. The law was put in place to prevent attacks against police officers way back in the 19th century, and yes -- there are exceptions for things like Halloween or costume parties.


It's illegal to pronounce Arkansas incorrectly.

The state of Arkansas takes itself seriously. To stay in line with the law, you need to pronounce all three syllables and make sure the last "S" stays completely silent. Note that there is no penalty involved -- the law merely establishes an official and proper pronunciation.


It's illegal to sell a box of candy weighing less than 50 pounds in Idaho.

Rejoice, candy sellers! Despite the fact that this 50-pound rule frequently circulates as an example of a bizarre law, the state of Idaho has no such law.


You can't camp on your own property for a week in Kendall, New York.

Want to enjoy the great outdoors? Better get back inside within 72 hours if you live in Kendall, New York. The town prohibits camping on your own land for more than 72 hours per month. You can stay out longer if you get a permit -- but you can only get one permit per year.


All trick or treating is illegal in Nebraska.

While many different cities have ordinances limiting the maximum age for trick or treating -- typically 12 -- there isn't a single state that bans all trick or treating outright.


Pi is equal to 3.2 in Indiana.

It's pretty well established in mathematics that pi equates to around 3.14, with a bunch of other digits trailing behind, but that didn't stop the state of Indiana from considering a bill to redefine pi as 3.2 back in 1897. Thankfully, the bill failed, and the laws of mathematics still stand.


Unmarried couples can't live together in Florida.

Though rarely enforced, it was illegal for unmarried couples to live together or engage in any kind of lewd behavior in the Sunshine State -- until 2016. That's when Florida Governor Rick Scott repealed the law.


Interracial marriage is illegal in Tennessee.

Tennessee still has laws on the books making interracial marriage illegal. It's a moot point though, because the Supreme Court declared way back in 1967 that laws banning interracial marriage are simply not Constitutional.


You must take down your Christmas lights in Maine by January 14th or face a fine.

Celebrate the season as long as you like. While internet rumors often warn Maine residents that lights must come down by January 14th, the state has no such law on the books -- and many public light displays stay up past that date anyway.


Until 2014, Virginia banned all hunting on Sundays (with a slight exception for raccoons).

It was illegal to hunt on Sundays in Virginia all the way until 2014. That year, the Governor loosened the laws a little to allow hunting of waterfowl and other specific species. It's always been okay to hunt raccoons on Sundays, but only until 2:00 a.m.!


It's illegal to share your Netflix password in Tennessee.

Better get your own account. While plenty of people share passwords to save money, Tennessee made it illegal in 2011 to share any entertainment accounts, including Netflix and things like music or movie subscription sites.


You can own a tiger in Canton, Ohio.

Well, technically you can own a tiger if it's grandfathered in, before a new law took effect in 2012. However, it is now illegal for individuals to purchase, sell or breed many restricted species, including tigers. The 2012 law was inspired after a citizen released dozens of exotic animals near Zanesville in 2011, before committing suicide.


It's illegal to eat roadkill in West Virginia.

Not only are you allowed to eat roadkill in West Virginia, you don't even have to wait for the cops to tag the animal if you want to take a dead deer home for dinner, as of 2015. If you hit a bear or turkey on the road, take heed -- you have to wait for the cops to show up and tag the creature before you can take your kill home and feed the family.


You can't show a movie before 2:00 p.m. in North Dakota.

Relax, matinee lovers. Contrary to rumor, it's perfectly legal to take in the early show at a North Dakota movie theater.


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