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It's 1978 and you're on the air with the crazy guys and gals at radio station WKRP in Cincinnati. Rock out with DJ Johnny Fever, or stay up-to-the-minute with renowned newscaster Les Nessman. Don't touch that dial -- we've got a quiz coming right up!

What kind of music did WKRP play before Andy Travis took over?

WKRP was a struggling easy listening station before new program director Andy Travis took over. In the pilot episode, Travis -- who has a long history of successfully turning around failing radio stations, switches to rock and roll programming.


What word got Johnny Fever fired from his former job in L.A.?

John Caravella, who goes by the DJ name Johnny Fever, got fired from his former job when he said the word booger on the air. When Andy Travis hires him at WKRP, he gives Fever explicit permission to use the word booger.


What is the name of the station's receptionist?

Loni Anderson stars as receptionist Jennifer Marlowe. Marlowe is not only one of the most efficient people at WKRP, but is also one of the highest-paid employees at the station.


What award does Les Nessman win for excellence in farm reporting?

Played by actor Richard Sanders, Les Nessman is known for his hog reporting. His work has earned him multiple awards, including the Silver Sow.


Les Nessman has his own private office.

Nessman is continuously frustrated that he doesn't have a private office, even though he is the news director at WKRP. To mimic the idea of an office, he surrounds his desk with tape lines and forces visitors to "knock" on the "door" before he will admit them.


What is Gordon Sims' secret?

Gordon Sims, also known as nighttime DJ Venus Flytrap, is secretly an Army deserter who served in Vietnam.


What does Mr. Carlson decide to drop from a helicopter in season one?

The Big Guy has the bright idea to promote the station by taking the traditional turkey giveaway to a whole new level. Rather than handing out frozen turkeys to listeners, Carlson has live birds dropped from a helicopter, where they hit the ground like "bags of wet cement." He thought turkeys could fly!


Who takes a job at a Los Angeles radio station in season one?

Johnny takes a job at an L.A. radio station in season one, then returns to WKRP in the the very next episode after he is fired for using obscene language.


What does mega-sponsor Ferryman's sell?

The station is in the money when they secure a huge advertising account with Ferryman's Funerals in season one, hoping that advertising on WKRP will help them reach a younger audience. Mr. Carlson isn't sure that selling funeral services is the right look for the station, worried that it gives them a bad image.


What is the station's mascot?

Advertising executive Herb Tarlek is forced to dress up as the WKRP carp to promote the station. While in costume, he finds himself at odds with the mascot of rival station WPIG.


What event triggers a case of "mike fright" in Johnny Fever?

After a garbage strike, Johnny Fever tells listeners to dump their garbage on the steps of city hall. After people actually listen and pelt city hall with garbage, Johnny is overwhelmed by his own power and afraid to go back on the air.


What band does the episode "In Concert" refer to in season two?

In 1979, 11 fans were crushed to death at a concert by The Who. The next year, a season two episode of "WKRP in Cincinnati" took on the event, showing the characters' reactions to the tragedy.


What holiday leads a crazy pilot to take Les hostage?

When Les starts reporting from a WWI biplane in the season three premiere, the crazy pilot takes him hostage to try and convince viewers to give Veterans Day the respect the holiday deserves.


What does Mr. Carlson eat to trigger a Christmas Carol-type dream in season three?

The crew at WKRP is frustrated at Christmas time in season three because Mr. Carlson plans to skimp on bonuses. After Carlson eats one of Johnny Fever's brownies, he rethinks his Scrooge-like decisions.


Which character always wears a bandage somewhere on his body?

While filming the pilot, actor Richard Sanders hit his head and had to wear a bandage. Producers decided that his character, Les Nessman, would always wear a bandage after that. Viewers decided that Nessman's vicious dog Phil may have been responsible for his frequent injuries.


Who pictures herself as president in the season three episode, "Daydreams"?

While listening to Mr. Carlson rehearse a particularly boring speech, the gang daydreams about all the places they'd rather be. Jennifer sees herself as an old-time movie star, Johnny pictures himself rocking out on stage, and the over-achieving Bailey imagines she is president of the United States.


What persona does Johnny adopt when forced to host a disco dance show in season three?

Johnny is beyond frustrated when he is contractually obligated to host a TV dance show, so he takes on the persona of Rip Tide to voice his displeasure.


What is the name of Arthur's wife?

Arthur Carlson and wife Carmen have a son, Arthur Jr., who attends military school. In season three they have another baby together, after a surprise pregnancy.


What event shocks the station in the season four premiere?

Season four opens with a two-part episode, where WKRP is subject to a bomb threat from a terrorist group. The event gets even worse when Johnny smashes the phone after he can't get through to his bookie.


Mama Carlson always meant for WKRP to lose money.

In the series finale, viewers learn that the station's struggles were by design. Owner Mama Carlson always meant for the station to lose money, which is why she let her inept son run the place with such a motley crew.


How many seasons did the show run?

"WKRP in Cincinnati" ran for 90 episodes over four seasons, from 1978 to 1982. Schedule changes in the final two years led to low ratings, resulting in the show's cancellation.


What year did "The New WKRP in Cincinnati" premiere?

Almost a decade after the show ended, it was rebooted as "The New WKRP in Cincinnati," which ran for two seasons, from 1991 to 1993.


What was Arthur Carlson Jr.'s job when the show returned in the '90s?

Arthur Carlson Jr. is all grown up in "The New WKRP in Cincinnati." Actor Lightfield Lewis plays the young Carlson, who takes a job as an advertising executive at the station in the series reboot.


Which actress starred as DJ Mona Loveland on "The New WKRP in Cincinnati"?

Tawny Kitaen starred as late-night DJ Mona Loveland in the reboot. When she wasn't spinning records, she was fighting off the advances of Arthur Carlson Jr.


What event makes Les Nessman believe he is dying in season one of "The New WKRP in Cincinnati"?

In the episode "Then Came Nessman," news anchor Les Nessman is convinced he is dying after he is bitten by a dog. To make the most of the little time he has left, he vows to live every day as if it were his last.


What is the name of the DJ played by actor French Stewart?

French Stewart, of "Third Rock from the Sun" fame, starred as DJ Razor Dee on WKRP. During the show's run, he unknowingly dated an employee from rival station WPIG.


Who gets kidnapped by an obsessed fan in season one of "The New WKRP in Cincinnati"?

Poor Les Nessman is kidnapped by a fan in the season one episode, "Number One Fan." In the same episode, Herb ends up in the slammer after selling stolen goods to an undercover cop.


What does Johnny Fever set a record for in season two of the reboot?

Despite the fact that Fever has a serious fear of heights, he sets out to smash the record for broadcasting from a billboard in a two-part season two episode.


Who serves as program manager in "The New WKRP in Cincinnati"?

It's Donovan Aderhold, played by Mykelti Williamson, who takes over for Andy Travis as WKRP program manager in the series reboot.


Which employee of "The New WKRP" suffers from a bad case of shell-shock?

After a bad experience in Korea, engineer Buddy Dornster suffers from shell-shock -- which causes him to dive for cover every time there's a loud noise.


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