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Decorating your tween boy's bedroom can be a challenge. As boys head toward manhood their tastes and styles may change. It is no easy task to choose decor that fits their likes and dislikes and creates a bedroom they enjoy being in. Take this quiz to see what you know about decorating a tween boy's room and learn some new ideas along the way.

What do boys start to discover in their tween years?

Tween boys start to discover their individuality, including the talents that set them apart from their friends. They like their bedroom to reflect this newfound independence.


Tween boys do not like to be perceived as what?

It is likely you will be insulting a tween boy if you call him childish.


What should you do with your tween boy's sports trophies?

If your tween is into sports you can create a sports theme by displaying his trophies and memorabilia in his bedroom. Sports bedding also adds to the theme.


If your tween is into sport, how might you paint his room?

Your tween might enjoy a bedroom painted in the colors of his favorite sport team. Keeping some neutral items in the room helps to balance the bright colors of the sports accessories.


What type of sports do tween boys particularly take interest in?

While tween boys take an interest in all sports, extreme sports are particularly popular, especially surfing and skateboarding.


If you live inland, how might you bring the surf to your surf-loving tween?

Painting the walls an ocean blue, together with hanging pictures of surfers and surfboards helps to bring the beach to the bedroom.


How can you provide a fun way in the bedroom for your tween boy to make himself homework reminders?

Painting a wall with chalkboard paint allows your tween boy to chalk his homework reminders on his bedroom wall in a non-destructive manner.


Tween hobbies can be used as a theme to decorate the bedroom. Which hobby will provide a good long-term investment when used as a theme?

Tween boys who like music often continue to like it well into their teens. Using music as the bedroom theme will often last many years.


For a tween who plays an instrument, what is an important feature of the room?

A practice area is important for a musical tween. Placing the musical gear in a the corner of the room with a deep-colored rug creates the feel of a practice area.


What might you hang on the walls instead of musical band posters?

Vinyl records hung in an interesting manner can be a nice feature in the bedroom of a tween who likes music.


If your tween son is very independent, what might be a good theme to create?

Creating a college-style room may allow your tween to experience the independence he is striving for.


What type of bed might you use to create a college-style room?

A loft bed gives a dormitory feel. It also allows for space to put a desk or lounge.


What color theme might you use if your tween son has a particular college in mind?

Encourage your son to strive for his college dreams by painting his room in the colors of the college.


What is always a good option if you are not sure how to style your tween boy's bedroom?

A neutral design allows your tween to style his own room.


If you decide to leave the walls neutral, where is a good place to use color and design?

Using striped or checked bedding gives a neutral room some color.


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