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It can be tricky to choose activities your tweens won't scorn, now that they're entering an age of increased independence and embarrassment over all things parental and childish. How good are you at predicting what your tweens will find fun and what they'll turn up their noses at?

Is skateboarding school a good idea?

Skateboarding lessons will probably be a popular idea with your tweens. It shows you think they're grown up enough to try an activity that's a little more daring, and it gives them something interesting they can show off to classmates and friends.


Is a game of laser tag a good idea?

The excitement that comes with playing a round of laser tag -- especially if you open the invitation to you tweens' friends -- is very likely to pass the "tweens" and "fun" combination threshold.


Is time spent tutoring a good idea?

Tutoring might be a good suggestion if your tweens are looking for an afterschool activity or a way to make a little money, but it seems unlikely most tweens would classify time spent tutoring as a particularly "fun" activity.


Is an afternoon spent finger painting a good idea?

People of all ages can enjoy an afternoon spent goofing around with finger paints, but with their early childhood years so close behind, tweens might find the idea too babyish. You could try suggesting something like a pottery or watercolor class at a local art center instead.


Is going to the movies a good idea?

Taking your tweens and a few friends to the movies usually goes over quite well. (Although in order to really sell the idea, you may need to sit across the theater or chose a different movie and meet up with them afterward.)


Is a visit to Chuck E. Cheese's a good idea?

OK, there's an outside chance your tween could still relish a trip to Chuck E. Cheese's, but when the ball pits are raring full of toddlers, and kindergartners are scampering around with fistfuls of tickets, it's pretty good odds your oh-so-sophisticated tween will recoil in horror.


Is sending your tween to camp a good idea?

Tweens are typically quite social creatures, so offering them a week at camp will likely be a big hit.


Is an outing to a nearby merry-go-round a good idea?

Tweens probably enjoyed a spin on the carousel when they were younger, but chances are, the idea of riding in a circle on a sculpted animal that slowly bobs up and down will strike them as a little silly now. If there are other more daring amusement park rides around, though, you may still be able to sell your suggestion.


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