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Tween girls can be difficult to please. They are in a delicate phase where they are not yet adults but strive to become them. They have specific likes and dislikes and these may change from week to week. It might seem like a daunting task to decorate your tween girl's bedroom. Take this quiz to see how much you know about decorating your tween girl's bedroom and learn some useful tips along the way.

How do many tween girls feel about their body?

Many tween girls feel image-conscious, so it is important that they can feel comfortable in their bedroom.


What can you use to gauge your tween girl's taste?

A girl's wardrobe is a good indication of what her style and interests are.


How might you decorate the bed for boho chic?

A gauzy canopy gives a Moroccan feel, fitting with the boho chic style.


What color would you paint the bedroom walls for a boho chic tween?

Rich, earth colors are the way to go for the boho chic. Chocolate, burgundy and plum might be good options.


What style can you use to create a classic and undated look?

Shapes, stripes and polka dots are a classic, jazzy look that stays in fashion for a long time.


What decor would you need for a funky style bedroom?

For a funky bedroom you don't need to stick with one theme. Unmatched styles create the funk! Use whatever comes to hand, be it stripy or polka-dotted. Anything goes with funk!


What colors would you paint the walls if you want a funky look?

Go bold for funk. Use pinks, greens and oranges for a cheery and inviting bedroom.


What can you use instead of wallpaper for a funky look?

Get shaped decals and stickers for you daughter to place on her wall. This is both funky and allows your tween daughter to have her personal touch.


How can you liven up a retro style room?

Use a few modern pieces as a sleek contrast to liven up a retro style room for your tween girl.


What style bedroom furniture fits with a retro theme?

Antique furniture is used to create a retro theme and may help your tween feel more grown up. Some ideas may be iron poster beds and accent wall mirrors.


What are some good wall decorations for a retro room?

Frame some vintage pictures or movie posters to add to the retro theme.


What can you use for storage space in a retro bedroom?

Vintage suitcases fit with the theme and can be useful storage space for a tween girl. To further add to the theme you may use a record player instead of a CD player.


What should you avoid when going with a celebrity theme for the bedroom?

Your tween may be a fan of a certain celebrity at the time, but it is likely she will shortly move on to the next star. Avoid celebrity-specific items and keep the movie-star theme more general using rock n' roll or hip-hop items.


What is a good wall pattern for a celebrity bedroom?

Star decals and rock-star silhouettes add to the celebrity bedroom. If your tween likes music stars, make space for her to hang her guitar and a provide a fluffy rug for her to sit and jam.


In a floral bedroom, what type of furniture is recommended?

Stick with neutral furniture or your floral bedroom may begin to feel like an overgrown garden. Keep the floral aspect in the bedding, carpets and wall-paper.


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