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Do your tweens sometimes use words in ways you never heard before? Type out acronyms that look like a monkey slapped their keyboard? Or do you think you have a pretty good handle on the ins and outs of your tweens' communiques? Find out how well you have your tween figured out in this quiz.

"POS" stands for parent over shoulder.

Although the acronym "POS" sometimes stands for other things, if you walk past your typing tween and see POS on the computer screen, that's not a good sign. Find out what he or she is up to online.


"Drippin'" indicates someone is ugly.

"Drippin'" is a term sometimes used to indicate something is very cool.


"Tope" is a combination of "totally" and "mope."

"Tope" is indeed a combination of two words, but those words are "tight" and "dope." And like drippin', it also expresses that something is cool.


Calling something "crispy" means it's a fading trend.

Quite the opposite, "crispy" can mean something is fashionable and new.


"Totes" is an abbreviated version of "totally."

Totally is apparently just too much to say or text, so it got the ax and became "totes."


If your tween says "guh" at you, then he of she is probably highly annoyed. (Surprise.)

"Guh" is, for the moment anyway, one the latest incarnations of last generation's "duh".


"Creeper" is another word for stalker.

A stalker would probably be considered a "creeper," but kids aren't so discriminating in the word's use. It can refer to anyone seen as acting weird.


"RME" is an acronym for roll my eyes.

How could tweens not have an acronym for eye rolling? Some days it seems those little things will roll right out of their heads!


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