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Think you know "Twilight" inside and out? Take our quiz to see if you can detect key differences between the blockbuster film and the novel that started it all.

Where do Bella and Edward share their first kiss in the film?

In the film, Bella and Edward's first kiss takes place in Bella's bedroom. In the novel, however this magic moment occurs in the woods.

What nickname does Edward give Bella before running through the woods with her on his back in the film?

In the film, Edward calls Bella a "spider monkey" and tells her to hop on. He never uses this nickname for Bella in the book.

What does Rosalie break when Bella visits the Cullen home in the film version of "Twilight?"

In the movie, Rosalie breaks a bowl after learning that Bella had already eaten. This scene never occurs in the novel.

In the novel, Edward bounces an apple off of his foot in the school cafeteria before catching the fruit in his hands.

This movie scene — inspired by the cover of the novel — never actually takes place in the book.

Where do Bella and her classmates visit while on a field trip in the film?

In the film, Mr. Molina takes the biology class on a trip to a greenhouse. There is no such field trip in the novel.

Which two book characters are combined to form the Eric you see on screen?

Eric and Ben from the novel are combined to create the Eric character you see on screen.

Which two female students are combined to create the film's version of Jessica?

The Lauren character from the book never appears in the movie. Instead, her personality is blended with Jessica's book persona to create the Jessica role for the film.

How many times do Edward and Bella say "I love you" to one another in the "Twilight" movie?

While Bella and Edward share "I love yous" throughout the book, they never utter these words to one another during the film.

What special power does Jasper display during the book?

While Jasper is able to feel and manipulate the emotions of others in the book, this special power never comes up in the "Twilight" movie.

Which of these "Twilight" creations features characters surfing at First Beach during the visit to La Push?

While some of the characters hit the waves during the beach scene in the movie, no surfing takes place in the book.

What is Waylon Forge doing when he is killed in the movie?

Waylon Forge — a character who never appears in the book — is killed while fixing his board early in the movie.

Where does Bella ditch Jasper and Alice to seek out James during the film?

In the book, Bella ditches Jasper and Alice at Phoenix Airport. In the movie, she sneaks away while they are at the hotel.

In the book where are Bella and Edward when she reveals that she knows his secret?

In the book, Bella and Edward have the vampire talk while driving home from Port Angeles. In the film, this conversation takes place in the forest.

What type of food do the Cullens cook for Bella when she comes to visit in the movie?

The Cullens prepare an Italian meal for Bella — believing she is Italian, because of her name. In the book, this meal planning never takes place.

Who does Bella spray with pepper spray in the movie version of "Twilight?"

While Bella unleashes her pepper spray on James in the film, she leaves it at home in her duffle bag in the novel.

What nickname does Rosalie give Emmett while playing baseball in the film?

Rosalie refers to Emmett as her monkey man in the film, but never uses this nickname in the movie.

Who does most of the cooking for Bella and Charlie in the novel?

Bella cooks most of the meals in the Swan household in the book, but she and Charlie tend to mostly eat at the diner in the movie.

When do Laurent, Victoria and James first appear in the book?

In the film, the vampire trio appear onscreen early, hunting and killing humans. In the book, these characters don't appear until the baseball game.

Who asks Bella to the dance early in the "Twilight" novel?

Edward stalls Bella so Tyler can ask her to the dance. In the movie, this scene — and the dance itself — never takes place.

Where does Bella work in the novel?

In the novel, Bella works at the sporting goods store. She is never shown working anywhere in the movie.

Why does Bella faint during biology class in the book?

Bella faints during a classroom blood test in the book — a scene which isn't shown in the movie.

What is the name of the biology teacher in the "Twilight" book?

Bella's biology teach is named Mr. Banner in the book, but Mr. Molina in the film.

Each member of the Cullen family sports the Cullen family crest at all times in both the book and the movie.

While the family routinely wears the crest in the movie, this never takes place in the book.

Who drives Bella to the airport for her trip to Forks in the movie?

Fans of the film get to see stepdad Phil as he drives Bella to the airport. There's no mention of Phil making this drive in the book.

Where does Bella get her info on local vampire lore in the novel?

In the novel, Jacob gives Bella the low-down on the vampires. In the movie, Bella buys a book on legends at the Port Angeles bookstore and also does some research online.

What lines the walls of the Cullen's stairway in the "Twilight" movie?

In the film, viewers see countless graduation caps hung on the wall. This display is never mentioned in the novel.

How does Bella listen to music in the book?

Bella relies on a portable CD player in the novel. By 2008, when the film came out, the iPod had taken over so Bella was able to upgrade.

Where does the Forks High School prom take place in the movie?

The movie prom takes place at a nice hotel, while the prom described in the book is held at the school gym.

Which angry vampire appears at the prom to spy on Bella and Edward in the movie?

Movie viewers are able to see Victoria spying on Bella and Edward — an event which doesn't take place in the book.

Where can eagle-eyed fans spot Stephanie Meyer in the movie?

Author Stephenie Meyer appears in the Forks diner during a movie cameo. Obviously, this never happened in her famous novel.

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