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It's almost unbelievable that before 2008, most people hadn't heard of "Twilight," the young adult book that morphed into a Hollywood hit film.  Written by amateur author, Stephanie Meyer, and inspired by a dream, "Twilight" and its sequels jump-started a cultural obsession with all things vampire. Not only was Kristin Stewart (who played Bella Swan) the highest paid actress in Hollywood for two years after her breakout role in the franchise, but it's opening weekend box office gross was the highest ever for a film directed by a woman (Catherine Hardwicke.)

Because you're obviously a super fan of the series, you should know all the obscure tidbits of "Twilight" trivia we're about the throw your way. You obviously know what images are on the Cullen family crest and which class Bella and Edward met in, right?

If you're obsessed with the Cullen coven, have ever used #teamjacob or #teamedward on social media or wished desperately that you were Bella Swan, then this quiz is for you!  Go ahead, and prove your sparkle-vamp skills!

In what class does Bella sit next to Edward on the first day of school?

Of course, Edward and Bella will soon discover a thing or two about biology on their own (you know, vampire biology?)


How do the Cullens differentiate themselves from other vampires?

The Cullens only drink animal blood (rather than human blood,) making them "vegetarians" in the vampire community.


How many (adopted) Cullen children are there?

Edward has four siblings that were also taken in by Carlisle and Esme Cullen: Alice, Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper.


The Denali vampires shared what with the Cullens?

In Alaska, the Cullens found kindred spirits in the animal blood-drinking vampires from the Denali coven.


What frustrates Edward about Bella?

Edward can't read her mind, due to her mental shield. She developed this mental shield after becoming a vampire.


What do vampires really need in order to play baseball?

Because the vampires are so powerful and strong, the crack of the bat would give away their powers. Thunder disguises it.


How did Stephenie Meyer come up with the idea for the "Twilight" books?

Meyer had a dream where a sparkly, handsome vampire and a non-vampire girl had a discussion in a meadow. The dream was eventually the 13th chapter of the first book.


Where did Bella have to hide out from James in "Twilight?"

Bella went to visit her mother in Phoenix. Jasper and Alice were also hiding there.


What part of Bella is bitten by James, prompting Edward to heroically suck the poison out?

James bites Bella on the wrist, and Edward is able to suck out the poison without overdoing it (and accidentally sucking out all her blood with it.)


How did Stephenie Meyer choose Forks, Washington, for the location of the series?

Meyer needed a dark, rainy location for her sun-averse vampire family; the Olympic Peninsula couldn't be better.


Edward plays what song for Bella on the piano?

In the film, Robert Pattison actually plays the song on the piano. The song was actually written by Carter Burwell.


How old is Edward in the book?

Edward is, and always will be, stuck in the body of a seventeen year old. Technically, he's actually 108 years old.


In "New Moon," what are the situations that prompt Bella to hear Edward's voice in her head?

Bella hallucinates Edward's voice in risky situations, which she avidly pursues in his absence.


How does Edward attempt to kill himself in "New Moon?"

If a vampire exposes themselves to non-vampires, the powerful Volturi coven has to eliminate them. The Volturi are the most powerful vampires on earth and enforce vampire laws.


What Native American tribe does Jacob belong to?

Jacob belongs to the Quileute tribe, natives of the Olympic Peninsula. This is an actual indigenous nation with roughly 2000 members.


How do shape-shifters, like Jacob, find their soulmates?

Imprinting involves a shape-shifter making a deep and spiritual connection with another person.


Who does Jacob imprint on?

He starts out with the role of her protector, Jacob and Renesmee might have a romance once she matures, which might be a little odd, since she's Bella and Edward's daughter.


What Cullen member doesn't vote for Bella to become a vampire?

Rosalie, considered one of the most beautiful vampires in the world, says that she didn't have a chance to choose to be a vampire, and she wishes she had.


In the films, all the Cullens visibly distinguish themselves in what way?

In the books, the Cullens do not all wear the family crest. The crest includes a lion, a hand and trefoils.


What animal is in the Cullen family crest?

The lion represents strength (much like the super strong vampires) according to the director, Catherine Hardwicke.


What happens when Jacob tries to kiss Bella in "Eclipse?"

Bella wasn't having it and breaks her hand in the process of punching Jacob.


Who replaced Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria in the film version of "Eclipse?"

Citing scheduling conflicts, Lefevre was replaced in the third film. Bryce Dallas Howard is Ron Howard's daughter.


What is a "newborn" vampire?

Newborn vampires are particularly strong and desperate for blood. They also have bright red eyes.


What does Victoria do in an attempt to kill Bella?

To avenge James' death, Victoria uses the supernatural strength of newborn vampires against Bella's allies.


Who surprises Bella by showing up at her wedding?

Jacob had run away after being rejected by Bella, but shows up for the nuptials. He eventually uses imprinting on her daughter, Renesmee.


What rather unromantic memento is left after Bella and Edward's wedding night?

Due to Edward's physical strength, his wedding night moves leave Bella battered. This is because vampires are much stronger than humans, and Bella isn't a vampire yet.


Why does Edward finally turn Bella into a vampire?

While giving birth to Renesmee, she almost dies, so Edwards turns her into a vampire to save her life.


What special power does Renesmee have?

While her dad can read thoughts and her mom can shield herself from the same, Renesmee can touch a person and place a thought in their mind.


What is the name of the other peaceful half-human, half-vampire that proves that Renesmee isn't a threat?

Nahuel is a South American half-vampire, which convinces the Volturi that Renesmee isn't going to blow their cover (and therefore, they won't have to destroy her.)


How does Bella finally show Edward she loves him?

Edward, finally able to read her thoughts, realizes just how much she loves him.


What other film did director, Catherine Hardwicke, cast Nikki Reed in?

"Thirteen" was Hardwicke's directorial debut. She cast Nikki Reed and Evan Rachel Wood in the leading roles of this coming-of-age story. Reed co-wrote the script with Hardwicke.


How many books did Stephanie Meyer write in the "Twilight" universe?

Meyer wrote seven books that exist in the "Twilight" universe: "Twilight," "New Moon," "Eclipse," "Breaking Dawn," "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner," "The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide" and "Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined."


True or false: Catherine Hardwicke directed all of the "Twilight" movies.

Hardwicke only directed the first film. The second film was directed by Chris Weitz, the third by David Slade and the fourth and fifth by Bill Condon.


How long did principal photography take for "Twilight?"

Most of the film was shot in 44 days. In general, the average length of principal photography on a feature-length film is 106 days.


True or false: When "Twilight" was released on DVD, it was the most-purchased DVD that year.

The film was released on DVD in March of 2009, and by the end of the year, it sold more copies than any other DVD that year.


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