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The tiny town of Forks has a secret — it's home to a gorgeous coven of vampires. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the "Twilight" vampires in Forks and beyond.

True or false: The vampires in "Twilight" sleep in coffins, like any good vampire should do.

Not only do the vampires not sleep in coffins, they don't sleep at all.


What do Bella and Edward name their daughter?

Bella and Edward choose the name Renesmee, which is inspired by the names of their mothers.


Which vampire attacks Bella on her 18th birthday at the Cullen house?

After Bella gets a paper cut while opening a gift, Jasper goes in for the kill. Fortunately, Emmett and Edward stop him.


Who ultimately kills Victoria?

Edward beheads the vengeful Victoria.


What color are Edward's eyes?

Edward's eyes are golden, which is typical of "vegetarian" vampires. Those who feast on human blood tend to have red eyes.


What is Alice's special gift?

Alice has the ability to see the future, while her husband Jasper can manipulate the emotions of those around him.


Which vampire attacks Bella in a dance studio?

James lures Bella to a dance studio to attack her, but Emmett and Jasper kill him after Edward rescues Bella.


Who transforms Bella into a vampire?

When Bella almost dies during childbirth, Edward is forced to finally transform her into a vampire in an attempt to save her life.


What is Bella's special gift?

Bella has the unique ability to block the powers of other vampires, allowing her to protect herself and those around her.


What is Jane's special skill?

The tiny Jane has the ability to cause extreme pain simply by using her words and thoughts.


Why is Tanya's mother killed?

The Volturi burn Tanya's mother when they discover that she created an immortal child.


Which of the following is NOT one of the three Volturi leaders?

Aro, Marcus and Caius lead the Volturi, one of the largest and most powerful groups of vampires on the planet.


Which member of the Cullen family fought in the Civil War?

Jasper was a young soldier in Galveston, Texas, during the Civil War when he was transformed by a vampire named Maria.


Where do the Volturi live?

The Volturi, a clan of vampire lawmakers, make their home in Volterra, Italy.


How old is vampire-human child Nahuel when he provides testimony to the Volturi?

Nahuel is a vampire-human hybrid, like Renesmee, who is 150 years old when he appears in "Breaking Dawn."


True or false: Alice transformed Jasper.

While Alice and Jasper have long been a couple, they met after both had already been transformed into vampires.


Which vampire does NOT show up unexpectedly when the Cullens are playing baseball?

The Cullens and Bella are surprised by Laurent, Victoria and James while enjoying a game of baseball.


Which vampire bit Emmett to transform him?

Rosalie discovered the human Emmett after he was bitten by a bear. She carried him to Carlisle, who transformed him into a vampire.


True or false: Renesmee and Nahuel are nonvenomous.

Unlike true vampires, female vampire-human hybrids are nonvenomous and can survive on either food or blood. Male hybrids are venomous.


Who does Bella turn to for support when she is pregnant?

Bella turns to Rosalie, who is the only person she knows who understands her urge to have her baby — no matter what the cost.


What is Renesmee's special gift?

Renesmee can share her thoughts with others simply by touching them.


Who tells the Volturi about Renesmee?

Irina tells the Volturi about Renesmee, claiming that the Cullens have created an immortal child.


Where do Tanya and her family live?

Tanya and her clan, which includes Irina and Kate, live in Denali, Alaska.


What disease almost killed Edward before Carlisle transformed him?

Edward lost his entire family to Spanish influenza in 1918, and he would have died if Carlisle hadn't transformed him into a vampire.


What was Alice doing before becoming a vampire?

Mary Alice Brandon was locked in a mental asylum before she was transformed into a vampire, though she doesn't remember how.


Which Volturi clan member can anesthetize those around him?

Alec has a special ability to cause complete sensory deprivation to those around him, making it easy for the Volturi to kill their victims with little resistance.


What is the name of Carlisle's mate?

Carlisle and Esme live as husband and wife, raising Edward, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett as their "children."


Why did Rosalie decide to save Emmett from a bear attack?

Rosalie was inspired to save Emmett because he looked like the child of her former friend. Rosalie and Emmett later became a couple.


What year did Rosalie become a vampire?

Rosalie was all set to marry hot-shot Royce King before he and his friends attacked her and left her for dead in 1933. Carlisle found her in the road and transformed her, hoping she could be a mate for Edward.


What is the name of the Volturi member who is known for his tracking skills?

The Volturi love to collect vampires who have special gifts, including Demetri, who is a skilled tracker.


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