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With all the focus on the Cullens, it's easy to forget that vampires aren't the only supernatural creatures in "Twilight." Take our quiz to test your knowledge of all the werewolves that call Forks home.

What tribe do the werewolves in "Twilight" belong to?

The "Twilight" werewolves are part of the Quileute tribe, which resides on the La Push reservation.


True or false: The werewolves can only transform during a full moon.

The werewolves in the "Twilight" series can phase as needed — no full moon required.


Who leads the La Push pack when Jacob transforms into a wolf for the first time?

Sam Uley is the first of the La Push boys to phase, making him leader of the pack when Jacob transforms into a wolf for the first time.


Who is NOT one of the original five members of the wolf pack in the Twilight series?

The original pack consists of Sam, Paul, Jacob, Jared and Embry. Colin phases much later, when the Volturi finally come to Forks.


What is the name of the first female werewolf in La Push history?

When a group of newborn vampires threatens the area around Forks, Leah Clearwater becomes the first female member of the pack.


What is Jacob's favorite part of being a werewolf?

When Bella asks Jacob his favorite thing about being a werewolf, he brags about his incredible speed, which allows him to keep up with vampires.


Who does Paul imprint upon?

When Jacob's sister Rachel comes home from college, Paul ends up imprinting upon her, much to Jacob's disgust.


How many werewolves made up the pack when Victoria launched a massive attack on Forks with a group of newborns?

When Victoria brought as many as 20 newborn vampires to Forks to help her kill Bella, it caused the number of werewolves in the pack to increase to 10.


How many werewolves were in the pack when the Volturi came to Forks?

By the time the Volturi came to check out Renesmee, the pack had grown to 17 members.


Which werewolf had a great-grandfather named Ephraim?

The legacy of his great-grandfather Ephraim Black made Jacob the rightful leader of the La Push pack.


Who is the first werewolf to join Jacob when he starts his own pack?

When Jacob breaks away from Sam's pack, Seth is the first to join him, followed closely by Seth's sister, Leah.


Why does Jacob leave Sam's pack?

Once Bella gets pregnant with Edward's child, Sam decides it's time for her to die.


True or false: The werewolves can communicate telepathically.

The werewolves are able to communicate telepathically but only while in their wolf forms.


Why is Bella shocked when Quil imprints on Claire?

Bella is shocked when she learns that Quil imprinted on Claire, Emily's 2-year-old niece.


True or false: Jacob can no longer hear Sam's thoughts when he leaves the pack.

The moment Jacob leaves Sam's pack, he can no longer hear Sam's thoughts. When Seth and Leah join Jacob, the three are able to communicate telepathically among themselves.


True or false: Werewolves have the same body temperature as humans.

Unlike the icy vampires, werewolves run hot, with a temperature around 108 to 109 degrees Fahrenheit (42 to 43 C).


Who does Jared imprint on?

When he phases, Jared imprints on a girl named Kim in his class at school.


Why don't the werewolves kill the Cullens?

The Quileute elders formed a treaty with Carlisle and his gang, promising not to kill them as long as the vampires behaved.


How many pairs of chromosomes do werewolves have?

Carlisle Cullen discovers that the wolves have 24 pairs of chromosomes, one more than humans and one less than vampires.


Who did Sam date before Emily?

Sam dated Leah for years before Leah's cousin Emily came to town and Sam imprinted on her.


Who does Jacob finally imprint on?

After loving Bella for years, Jacob eventually imprints on her and Edward's daughter.


Which werewolf is actually happy when he first transforms?

Unlike the majority of pack members, Quil is thrilled when he finds out that he is a werewolf.


True or false: Embry is a half brother to either Jacob, Quil or Sam.

When Embry transforms, he learns that he must be a descendent of one of the three Quileute elders, which means he is a half brother to either Jacob, Quil or Sam.


Which werewolf did Chaske Spencer play in the "Twilight" movies?

Spencer played Sam Uley. At 34 years old, he was twice the age of Taylor Lautner, who played Jacob, when "New Moon" was released.


True or false: The werewolves in "Twilight" are immortal.

The wolves age very slowly as long as they keep phasing. Once they stop transforming permanently, they age normally and eventually die.


True or false: The real Quileute tribe in the Pacific Northwest has a wolf ritual.

While not all the Quileute legends in the book are real, the tribe does have a strong association with the wolf, including a wolf ritual.


Who was the second wolf to phase, after Sam Uley?

Jared was the second wolf to phase, followed closely by Paul.


True or false: Werewolves are immune to vampire bites.

Werewolves heal so quickly that they are immune to vampire bites, except in very rare circumstances.


Who was NOT one of the original Quileute elders?

The three elders to the current La Push pack include Ephraim Black, Levi Uley and Quil Ateara.


True or false: Each time a werewolf transforms, his clothes are destroyed.

To preserve his wardrobe, Jacob begins holding his clothing in his mouth or tying it to his body when he transforms so that it isn't destroyed.


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