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Are you sick of ads comparing Macs and Windows-based personal computers? Do you try to convince friends and family that there are other choices out there? Are you an open-source evangelist? Take our quiz and find out how much you know about Linux and Ubuntu!

Who spearheaded the project to create the Ubuntu operating system?

Entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth assembled a team of developers to create the Linux distribution called Ubuntu.


What type of computer sparked Linus Torvalds' interest in computers when he was a kid?

Torvalds credits the Commodore Vic-20 for getting him interested in computers.


Which operating system did Torvalds learn about in college that inspired him to make his own?

Torvalds hadn't even heard of Unix before his second year of college but quickly learned to appreciate the operating system's design.


What operating system did Torvalds set out to improve before he decided to build Linux?

Torvalds installed MINIX on his own PC, but found it lacking in several areas. He decided to try and improve the OS before coming to the conclusion that it made more sense to design his own operating system, which he called Linux.


What is the GPL?

The GPL is the GNU Public License, which allows you to publish software in a way that lets users share and modify the code of that software.


What does open source mean?

Open-source software is transparent, meaning anyone can look at the source code and create modified or derivative software using that code.


What do we call the combination of the Linux kernel with the system and application programs that make up an entire operating system?

Linux distributions -- or distros for short -- are the different variations of operating systems that use the Linux kernel as the core of the system.


When did Ubuntu launch?

The first public version of Ubuntu launched in September 2004.


How frequently does Ubuntu update?

Ubuntu has a regular update schedule -- new versions come out every six months. In addition, there are occasional long-term support (LTS) updates that supplement the regular updates.


Which Linux distribution was the basis for Ubuntu?

The original Ubuntu team came from the Debian Linux distribution project.


Which company finances Ubuntu?

Canonical Ltd., a company founded by Mark Shuttleworth, funds the development of the Ubuntu operating system.


Which of the following is not true of Ubuntu?

You can run Ubuntu as its own program within Windows but you can't run it through a Web browser.


Which of the three below is an Ubuntu derivative?

The correct answer is Edubuntu -- even Linux distributions can have their own distributions.


Ubuntu releases have alliterative animal codenames. Which one was the codename for Ubuntu 8.10?

Intrepid Ibex was later followed by Jumping Jackalope, Karmic Koala, Lucid Lynx, Maverick Meerkat, Natty Narwhal and Oneric Ocelot.


Where is the word Ubuntu from?

The word Ubuntu comes from South Africa and refers to the way people make allegiances and relationships with each other.


If Ubuntu is free, how does Canonical Ltd. make money?

Canonical charges a small fee for professional support of Ubuntu. The company also makes money for large organization or corporate installations.


What is the name of the suite of productivity software preinstalled on Ubuntu?

LibreOffice is an open-source approach to productivity software. You can open, edit and save documents from several other productivity software suites in LibreOffice.


What is the name for the desktop interface software in Ubuntu?

Up until Natty Narwhal, the default interface for the desktop was called GNOME. But these days Ubuntu sports the Unity desktop interface, which supports multitouch and 3-D applications.


According to Web Technology Surveys, what percentage of Web servers were running Ubuntu as of February 2011?

Though it doesn't sound like much, the 4 percent share that Ubuntu has on Web servers is significant. The share nearly doubled over the course of a year and Ubuntu is the 4th most popular Linux distribution on Web servers.


What is the Ubuntu Foundation?

The Ubuntu Foundation, which launched with a $10 million investment, provides financial support for Ubuntu in the event Canonical Ltd. stops funding the operating system.


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