UFO 101: The Roswell Incident

By: Nathan Chandler
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The Roswell Incident is the most famous UFO event in the history of humankind. It spawned countless conspiracy theories and caused many people to believe that aliens are among us. How much do you know about the Roswell UFO incident?

The Roswell UFO Incident is the most famous UFO event in history. When did it occur?

Roswell is now super famous. Where is Roswell, anyway?

How did the famous incident begin?

What did the sheriff do once he saw the piles of strange material?

Why did the rancher decide to contact the sheriff instead of just throwing away the debris?

After the troops gathered the debris, the local base issued a press release. What did the release essentially say?

How did the public respond to the lies in the press release?

True or false: The local paper ran a headline story about the debris.

True or false: The debris was clearly from a weather balloon.

What was the actual purpose of the wrecked contraption that the rancher found?

The military's cover-up helped to bury the story for about how long?

How did the incident re-emerge in the American consciousness?

What is Friedman's background?

About how big was the contraption that crash-landed during the incident?

What's the "tropopause"?

True or false: Local military officials knew exactly what the debris was when they found it.

Local military officials suspected that the debris might actually be what, exactly?

Local reporters arrived at the scene of the crash. How were they treated?

True or false: The rancher who found the debris was an ardent UFO believer.

According to Brazel, the debris did NOT contain what sort of material?

What happened to the debris after the government collected it?

In 1980, Stanton Friedman's research contributed to a book (written by Charles Berlitz and William Moore) that sparked public interest in the event. What was the name of the book?

A man named Jesse Marcel is a big part of the Roswell story. Who was he?

True or false: As an Army Air Force major, Marcel was a credible source for information about the debris.

True or false: The incident has been subjected to dozens of scientific tests that seem to support the alien theory.

What was Operation High Dive?

The Air Force admitted that it fabricated a story to cover up Project Mogul. When did it tell the truth?

How many people reported seeing alien bodies around Roswell in 1947?

When are the Roswell aliens coming to snatch your children?

True or false: All of the documents regarding Project Mogul have been declassified.

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