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The 1920s brought about a new era in Major League Baseball that featured more home runs and a slew of players who reached national fame for their heroics on the field. How well do you know this period in baseball? Could you pass a quiz that covers the sport during that time? Here's your chance to find out!

Following World War I, Major League Baseball in the 1920s saw a period of change and development as new rules from this time helped form the game we know today. This new period would be defined by higher scores and more home runs. It would also be defined by the rise of star players. Thanks to newspapers and mass-produced radios, people all over the country could experience games without going to the park. Now, they could listen to their favorite announcer's play by play commentary on the heroics of individual players, pushing these players to national fame. 

Are you an expert on this period in baseball with in-depth knowledge on the history of the players and teams? Do you know all of the rule changes and what brought them about? If you believe you can pass this ultimate baseball quiz, get started and prove it!

What scandal swarmed through baseball in 1920 after the 1919 World Series?

The Black Sox Scandal was a gambling controversy in MLB. The scandal involved players from the White Sox who sought money for throwing the 1919 World Series.


How many players were involved in the Black Sox scandal?

The scandal involved a large portion of the White Sox roster. Many of these players were the best on the team and around the league.


Who was the first MLB commissioner?

In 1920, team owners knew they had to do something to clean up baseball after the Black Sox Scandal. They decided to appoint the first commissioner, Kenesaw Mountain Landis, a federal judge out of Illinois.


Who was famously suspended during the Black Sox scandal?

Many people believe "Shoeless" Joe Jackson wasn't involved in the scandal. His innocence is associated with the fact that he was one of the best players during the 1919 World Series.


Which team traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees?

Babe Ruth was one of the best players on the Red Sox, helping the team win three World Series. He primarily played pitcher while on the team.


What did Babe Ruth's trade to the Yankees become known as?

This is still considered one of the worst trades in baseball history. It took the Red Sox 86 years to win another World Series.


How many World Series titles did the Yankees win throughout the 1920s?

The New York Yankees dominated for much of the 1920s. Of course, this was only the start of their dynasty.


What year did Babe Ruth win the AL MVP award?

Babe Ruth finished his career with 714 home runs. This was the record until Hank Aaron beat it, finishing his career with 755 home runs.


What era followed the dead-ball era?

The live-ball era was defined by more home runs. Babe Ruth was the leader of the era, but home runs increased all around the league.


What was one factor in the change to the live-ball era?

The pitchers who used spit balls were allowed to continue until they retired. New pitchers, however, could not use them.


What year did Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs?

This was the single-season home run record until 1961. That year, Roger Maris beat the record with 61 home runs.


From 1920 until 1929, how many years did Babe Ruth lead the league in home runs?

Babe Ruth had his number 3 retired by the Yankees after he retired from the league. He was also one of the first five members in the Hall of Fame, which started in 1936.


Who led the league twice in home runs throughout the 1920s?

Rogers Hornsby played 23 seasons in Major League Baseball. He spent that time with five different teams.


What position did Rogers Hornsby play?

Hornsby was so spectacular that he won two NL MVP awards. He also was a two-time Triple Crown winner.


What year did Ty Cobb retire?

Ty Cobb was a 12-time AL batting champion. He earned the Triple Crown in 1909.


Which team won the 1920 World Series?

The Indians have only won two World Series throughout the team's history. Their second title came in 1948.


Who was the player-manager for the Indians in 1920?

An outstanding defender, Tris Speaker played center field. He was also an exceptional hitter, near the top of many record lists.


In both 1921 and 1922, the New York Giants defeated which team to win both World Series?

1921 was the first time the Yankees appeared in a World Series. They would go on to appear in more World Series than any other team in baseball.


How many games did the 1921 World Series last?

The World Series was once a best of nine series. However, it has since been moved to best of seven.


Who was the manager of the Giants in the 1922 World Series?

This was John McGraw's final World Series. He finished his career with three titles.


Who did the Yankees defeat in the 1923 World Series?

This was the Yankees first championship. The team currently has 27 titles, the most in the league.


Where did the Yankees open their first stadium in 1923?

Before Yankee Stadium was opened, the Yankees played in the Polo Grounds. This stadium was shared with the Giants and hosted the previous two World Series.


Which team won the 1924 World Series?

In 1924, the Senators defeated the Giants in seven games. This would be John McGraw's final World Series.


Which future hall of fame player pitched for the Senators in 1924?

Walter Johnson spent his entire playing career with the Senators. During that time, he won two AL MVP awards and one World Series.


What year did Walter Johnson retire from playing?

Walter Johnson played from 1907 until 1927. He finished his career as the all-time leader in shutouts with 110.


Who did the Pittsburgh Pirates defeat in the 1925 World Series?

Playing pitcher for the Senators, Walter Johnson secured two victories for his team. However, he failed to win game 7 and the title.


The Pirates came back in the 1925 World Series after being down what?

The World Series was a best of seven in 1925. On the verge of elimination, the Pirates fought their way back into the series and won 4-3.


Who did the Yankees lose to in the 1926 World Series?

The Cardinals have won 11 World Series throughout the team's history. The 1926 title was the team's first.


Who was tagged out in game 7 of the 1926 World Series to end the series?

In the ninth inning, Babe Ruth tried to steal a base for the Yankees, who were down 3-2. His attempt failed, and the Cardinals won the series.


What year did Lou Gehrig become a Yankee?

Lou Gehrig was forced to retire early from baseball because of ALS. Still, he is regarded as one of the best to ever play the game.


What was Miller Huggins' final year with the Yankees?

Miller Huggins led the Yankees to six AL pennants. For his contributions to the game, he was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1964.


In 1927 and 1928, how many total games did the Yankees lose in the World Series?

For two years, the Yankees swept the World Series. These are considered two of the greatest Yankees' teams ever.


What position did Joe Judge play?

Joe Judge was one of the best first basemen throughout the 1920s. He played the entire decade with the Washington Senators.


Which team won the 1929 World Series?

The Athletics won this series 4-1. The only game they lost was game 3.


After being down 8-0 in game 4 of the 1929 World Series, how many runs did the Athletics score in the 7th inning to take the lead?

This comeback has become known as the "Mack Attack." It's named after Athletics' manager Connie Mack.


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