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From making scrumptious smoothies to savory salad dressings, a blender is a handy appliance, but its use extends far beyond the kitchen. How much do you know about this celebrated margarita-making machine?

Why were blenders first invented?

Blenders were first introduced in the early 1900s to make malted milk drinks prescribed by doctors.


What was the first nonmedical use of blenders?

Soda fountains began using blenders for whizzing up novelty ice cream drinks.


When did the blender become a popular kitchen appliance?

The blender gained popularity in the 1930s as an essential cocktail mixer.


What's one purpose for blenders in research labs?

Blenders are truly versatile appliances. Researchers use blenders in the lab to extract bacteria from samples.


What was the first vaccine to be developed using a blender?

Jonas Salk used a Waring blender in the development of the polio vaccine.


What component of the blender is housed in the base?

The base of the blender, also known as the housing unit, contains of a variety of parts, including a high-speed, fan-cooled electric motor.


What device controls the movement and speed of a blender?

The coupler, which connects to the motor, controls the movement and speed of a blender.


What may happen if you don't put the lid on a blender while using it?

Have a soapy rag on hand if you don't put the lid on a blender while using it. If the blender is full and you turn it on, you will likely cause a mess.


Why are blender jars typically tapered?

The shape of a blender's jar doesn't simply look sleek; the tapered form promotes blending efficiency by funneling food down toward the blades.


The removable plastic piece in the top of a blender is called the fill cap. Which of the following is NOT one of the fill cap's purposes?

The fill cap also should be removed from the lid to allow steam to escape when blending hot foods and liquids. If the steam has nowhere to go, you could be burned by a very hot food explosion!


When a blender starts, in what direction does the food move in the blender jar?

The circular motion, also known as a vortex, is similar to a tornado, only this tornado won't blow the roof off your house!


Why do most blenders have four blades positioned at different angles?

Four blades positioned at different angles promote maximum contact between the food and the blades. This design can make cleaning the blades a pain at times.


What is the typical power rating of a home blender?

Most household blenders range from 500 to 750 watts. Don't be fooled though -- wattage and blender efficiency are generally not correlated.


What is an immersion blender uniquely suited for?

An immersion blender, also called a stick blender or a hand blender, is a wand-shaped device with a small blade at the bottom. It's often sold with attachments for grinding small amounts of food such as nuts and garlic.


What determines a blender's performance?

The power generated by the motor determines blender performance. Unfortunately, companies only list the watts for power consumption, which is irrelevant for a blender's actual efficiency.


What is the recommended number of blender controls?

Foodies say that three-speed blenders are all that's needed, though you can find models that offer a seemingly infinite number of speeds.


When shopping for a blender, what features should you look for if you want to make smoothies?

If you want to make velvety, scrumptious smoothies, seek out reviews that mention whether the blender crushes ice efficiently into snow.


How long should a blender last before the motor starts to slow down or break?

A good blender motor should hang on for several years before it starts to slow down. Even though you may still have a functional 20-year-old blender, this typically isn't the norm.


Why might you consider buying a blender with a removable blade?

A blender with a removable blade is definitely easier to clean. However, blenders with nonremovable blades tend not to leak as often.


Why should you avoid buying a blender with push buttons?

You may figure this one out only after buying a blender, but push buttons can be a pain to clean and can sometimes get stuck in one position.


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