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The "Cap" has been defending American ideals for decades. How much do you know about "The Star-Spangled Avenger," Captain America?

What is Captain America's primary weapon?

He uses his shield to stop incoming fire and also throws it at his foes.


In which year did the Captain America character first appear?

He was one of the most popular comic book characters in wartime America.


What was the alter ego of the third Captain America?

When he became Captain America, he donned a shield made of titanium.


What is the name of Captain America's alter ego?

His humble demeanor belies his superhero status.


Where was Steve Rogers born?

The all-American boy was born in an all-American city.


In what year was "Captain America" discontinued?

Many Golden Age characters lost their popularity following WWII.


What other superhero was a part of the Invaders during WWII?

Namor the Sub-Mariner also took part in WWII hijinks.


Which Captain American nemesis inadvertently killed himself with an avalanche in South America?

Zemo is continually infuriated that Cap evades his homicidal plans.


How does Steve Rogers gain his superpowers?

The serum is invented by the government to aid the fight against Axis enemies in WWII.


Why was Steve Rogers unable to enlist in the U.S. Army?

The serum, however, imbues him with the strength to become a super soldier.


What secondary element was necessary to make the serum work properly within the human body?

The so-called "Vita-Rays" triggered enormous physical pain but eventually caused a spectacular transformation.


Which supervillain manages to neutralize the effects of the super serum within Captain's body, rendering him powerless?

Iron Nail's real name is Ran Shen, and he can transform into a dragon.


How high can Captain America jump?

He can also bench-press more than 1,000 pounds.


What was Steve Rogers' religion?

He was from an Irish Catholic family.


How did Rogers' mother die?

He lost both of his parents early in life.


What material makes up the bulletproof suit that Captain wears until his primary uniform?

This isn't fictional. It's an actual type of hardened aluminum alloy first created in the early 1900s.


As Captain's special serum begins to wear off, he begins to succumb to what?

But like he always does, Captain eludes an untimely end and lives to fight again.


Why was Steve Rogers the only one to receive the super soldier serum?

The murder strands Rogers as a one-of-a-kind solider out to save the world.


In one instance, Cap is apparently able to sprint at what speed?

Imagine being able to run a mile in about a minute.


Captain America's first mission is to foil the nefarious plans of which supervillain?

Red Skull is Hitler's evil successor.


Who is Captain America's primary sidekick in the early years of the comic?

He was named after a childhood friend of writer Joe Simon.


Which U.S. president ordered the project that ultimately resulted in the development of Captain's shield?

The super-tough material was originally intended for tank armor.


What is Captain America's shield made of?

The material comes from meteorite remains found in Africa and Antarctica.


What is NOT an alias used by Captain America?

In many issues of the comic book he simply goes by "Cap."


The first Captain America comic book showed our hero physically attacking which foe?

He punches Hitler right in the face, setting the tone for the entire franchise.


As WWII-era conflicts wind down, what happens to Captain America?

When he's finally thawed, his return is celebrated around the world.


What occupation has Steve Rogers NOT held?

Captain America is known less for his brains and more for his brawn.


What shape was Captain America's first shield?

It was a boring steel shield; his vibranium shield was disc-shaped.


Which superhero team does Captain America join after being thawed from a block of ice?

He immediately became the group's leader.


Following the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Steve Rogers settles in which city?

He moves to the Red Hook neighborhood in the early 2000s.


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