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In Asian cultures, your time of birth can have far-reaching implications for your future and can impact everything from your job, to your friends and even who you marry! Take our quiz to find out more and test your knowledge of the Chinese zodiac!

How many signs make up the Chinese zodiac?

Like the astrological zodiac, the Chinese zodiac consists of 12 signs, though these 12 signs each represent a year, rather than a month.

Which of the following is not part of the Chinese zodiac?

The cat is not one of the animals on the Chinese zodiac, though there is a tiger to placate feline fans.

According to myth, why isn't there a cat in the Chinese zodiac?

When Buddha called for animals to come to him, the rat pushed the cat into the water, so the poor feline never made it to the finish.

When were cats first introduced to China?

Cat remains found in China date back to around 5,300 years ago. This may explain why they weren't in the zodiac, which has been around since at least 4,000 B.C.E.

How many elements work hand-in-hand with the animals in the Chinese zodiac?

Five elements — metal, water, wood, fire and earth — strengthen or modulate the characteristics associated with each animal sign.

The Chinese zodiac year runs from January to December.

The zodiac is based on a lunar calendar, which starts in either February or March each year depending on the cycle of the moon.

If 1961 is the year of the metal ox, when will the next year of the metal ox take place?

With five elements and 12 animals, each specific combination comes up once every 60 years. That means that 1961 and 2021 will both be the year of the metal ox.

What is the first animal in the Chinese zodiac?

The first animal is the rat. According to myth, the rat was the fastest of all the animals to reach Buddha in a race, which matches the creature's action-loving, aggressive nature.

Which of these best describes the personality of an ox?

People born in ox years are hard working, balanced and calm.

A tiger prefers to follow orders rather than lead.

The tiger is brave and charismatic and greatly prefers freedom to taking orders.

Which of these is closely associated with the rabbit?

The rabbit is a born pacifist, known for his wit and intelligence.

What animal in the Chinese zodiac is known for its natural sense of luck?

People born in dragon years are thought to be extra lucky and are known for their self-confidence and pride.

The snake is naturally wise with an active mind.

Snakes are known for their wisdom, intelligence and powerful minds.

Which of these animals is associated with a fiery temper?

The horse is engaging and social, but look out for his passionate, fiery temper.

Which of these qualities is often found in goats?

The goat is an artistic sign, known for his imagination and creativity.

Which sign would you turn to if you needed someone with a strong imagination?

The monkey not only has an amazing memory but is also known for his sense of fantasy and imagination.

Which of these qualities is associated with the rooster?

The rooster is meticulous and organized and often known for his intelligence.

Which animal in the Chinese zodiac is the most loyal?

The dog is associated with both loyalty and anxiety. He has firm views and hates injustice.

What is the 12th and final animal in the Chinese zodiac?

The pig is the 12th animal in the zodiac and is known for his honesty and kindness.

Which element is associated with a birth year ending in 0 or 1?

If your birth year ends in 0 or 1, your animal sign comes with the element metal, which is associated with focus and neatness.

Which element in the zodiac is associated with imagination?

People born in a water year — one ending in 2 or 3 — are calm, flowing and imaginative.

Which easy-going element is also associated with a strong competitive streak?

People born in a wood year are caring and easy going but can be highly competitive.

What element is associated with a birth year ending in a 6 or 7?

People born in a fire year love parties and thrills, but all that passion for life can mean a hot temper at times.

What element is associated with excellent problem-solving skills?

People born in earth years are relaxed, responsible and good at solving problems.

Which of the following is a poor romantic match for a dragon?

Tigers and dragons are both strong-willed, which can make for difficult relationships.

Which sign is a poor match for the rat?

The social rat won't generally mesh with the moody, solitary horse.

What animal do some cultures swap for goats when interpreting the Chinese zodiac?

The Chinese word yang could mean ram, sheep or goat in English, so you'll see variations of these in cultures around the world to refer to the year of the goat.

Which element is considered extremely bad luck for people born in the year of the horse?

A woman born in the year of the fire horse will grow up, marry, then kill her husband — according to legend that is.

Birth rates in some Asian nations drop dramatically in the year of the fire horse.

From 1965 to 1966, birth rates in Japan plummeted 25 percent. One possible reason — 1966 was a fire horse year.

Some people in Asian nations actually time conception so their children will be born in the lucky dragon years.

Studies suggest that fertility rates in Korea actually increased in 1988 and 2000 — both dragon years.

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