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Coffee isn't just for caffeine addicts any more. These days, folks seem to be drinking gourmet coffee anytime, anyplace. If you're considering buying your own espresso machine, take our quiz to see if you know how to make the perfect cup!

The word "espresso" comes from what language?

"Espresso" comes from the Italian word for "express" because the drink is served immediately after it's made.


Espresso is usually served in what size cup?

When you order an espresso at an authentic coffeehouse, you can expect it to be served in a shot-sized cup or glass called a demitasse.


How much ground coffee should you use to make one serving of espresso?

You need about half a tablespoon, or a quarter of an ounce, of ground coffee to make one espresso.


Which type of coffee drink is made with espresso?

Latte, mocha and cappuccino are all made with espresso.


What is the ideal color and consistency of espresso?

By passing about 1.5 ounces of steaming water through finely ground coffee beans, you can make the perfect dark brown, slightly thick cup of espresso.


When you grind coffee beans for espresso, which texture is best?

When you grind beans to the texture of powdered sugar, you are one step closer to a great cup of espresso.


What is the ideal water temperature for making espresso?

To make the best cup of espresso, you should heat the water to just below boiling.


How long should it take for the steaming water to pass through the ground coffee when making espresso?

For best results, the water should take about 25 seconds to pass through the coffee beans.


How does a simple espresso machine work?

The simplest espresso machines use pressure that comes from heating water in a closed compartment, forcing the water up through the ground coffee and out through a spout.


How much do the simplest espresso machines cost?

You can buy an inexpensive espresso machine for about $50, and a basic stovetop model costs about $20. The stovetop model doesn't froth milk and do other things the machine can, though.


Which of the following components of a pump-style espresso machine is used to heat the milk?

If you want heated, foamy milk in your drink, simply put the valve in the steam position, and steam is released from the wand into the milk.


What holds the supply of cold water in a pump-style espresso machine?

To make a cup of espresso, you must start with cold water, which is kept in the specially designed, removable reservoir.


Where is the ground coffee stored in an espresso machine?

The porta-filter is a small basket with a removable screen.


Which component of the espresso machine transfers water to the heating chamber?

As you would expect of a pump, this one's job is to draw water out of the reservoir and pump it into the heating chamber at high pressure.


Where is the heating element located in an espresso machine's heating chamber?

If you look, you will find the heating element built into a special groove at the bottom of the heating chamber.


What keeps water from slipping back into the pump from the heating chamber of an espresso machine?

In the machine's heating chamber, there is a one-way valve that lets water into the chamber and keeps it from flowing back into the pump.


What material protects the heating element in an espresso machine?

The heating element is a coiled wire similar to a light bulb filament, which is wrapped in plaster to make it stronger.


What important control valve should you locate on your espresso machine before you begin using it?

The flow-control valve directs the flow of water through the coffee in the porta-filter and also opens the flow of steam from the steam wand if you want frothy milk.


How high is the pressure in the heating chamber of an espresso machine?

When the pump is engaged, the heating chamber and hot water are pressurized to about 220 psi of pressure. Compare that to the 32 psi of pressure for tires on a Honda Civic -- that's why espresso takes only seconds to make!


What material is the heating chamber in an espresso machine made of?

The heating element in an espresso machine is made to last with durable stainless steel.


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