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Whether you're a foodie wishing to test your chops or a more plebian diner looking to expand your culinary horizons, dig in to the tantalizing trivia ahead on the Ultimate Foodie Quiz. No napkins required.

In molecular gastronomy, what is the primary purpose of using liquid nitrogen?

Liquid nitrogen brings a whole new meaning to a cook's concept of cold. At a temperature of -321 degrees F (-196 degrees C), liquid nitrogen will flash freeze any food it touches.


The discipline of molecular gastronomy began with a closer investigation of what classic dish?

Oh, soufflé. How you baffle all novices who attempt to master your puffed goodness . Physical chemist Hervé This was confounded by a cheese soufflé's precise cooking directions, leading him to pioneer the study of molecular gastronomy.


In 2005, a Japanese chef put a $1.6 million price tag on what confection?

This ain't your grandma's holiday dessert that doubles as a doorstop. This fruitcake was encrusted with 223 small diamonds and took a Tokyo pastry chef one month to prepare.


What part of a cow does filet mignon come from?

The "once on the lips, forever on the hips" dieting adage doesn't apply to cows. The loins, or hips, yield succulent but lean cuts, including the prized filet mignon.


Foodies in New York City may attend hip "flavor tripping" parties that feature what type of fruit?

Willy Wonka fans would undoubtedly appreciate the tongue-twisting effects of miracle fruit. Native to Africa, the fruit turns sour flavors sweet and vice versa.


Which of these fruits is best to buy organic?

Some fruits and veggies don't demand organic labels -- or prices -- for best eating since they don't absorb as many pesticides form the soil. Peaches, however, top the list on the Environmental Work Group's list of produce that contain the most pesticides.


Let's say you're in the mood for a refreshing French white wine. Which region's wares would you look out for?

Nothing says "foodie" like knowing what's what about wines. For French whites, prime regions include Alsace, Loire and, of course, Champagne.


Wolfgang Puck hails from what country?

Some foodies turn up their noses at celebrity chefs, but they ought to know who's who. Austrian Puck rose to the top of the food world after opening Spago in Hollywood.


If you were julienning an onion, the resulting slices would be about the size of what?

A foodie isn't a foodie by eating talents alone. Cooking capabilities also play a role, and knife skills rank among the most important. Smaller than a dice, a julienne is one-eighth inch (0.3 centimeters) by one-eighth inch by 2.5 inches (6.4 centimeters), but most cooks simply use the size of a matchstick to describe this special cut.


If you're looking to enhance your food-tasting abilities, what should you check first?

Although a lot of people enjoy food that tastes like a salt lick, meds may be masking true flavors. Researchers have identified more than 250 common medications that alter the taste of food.


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