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Loved for its deep-fried goodness and loathed for its cheap, fatty fare, McDonald's has become more than just a chain restaurant: It's a bona fide cultural icon. But it'll take more than a little McNugget know-how to pass the Ultimate McDonald's Quiz.

The McDonald brothers originally got into the fast food business selling which tasty items?

Long before the Big Mac, there was the McDog. Dick and Mac McDonald opened a hot dog stand in Arcadia, Calif., in 1937.


Which has been on the McDonald's menu the longest?

The Filet-o-Fish has been hooking hungry customers since 1962. Cincinnati franchise owner Lou Groen invented it to appeal to Catholic clientele who abstained from eating meat on Fridays.


What actor originally played Ronald McDonald?

Having previously performed as Bozo the Clown, Willard Scott was a shoo-in for Ronald McDonald.


What anti-McDonald's publication did the company challenge in the famous McLibel case?

Although McDonald's has paid out millions for coffee burns and beef-flavored fries, it didn't back down in its libel suit against Greenpeace. The longest trial in England's history ruled in favor of the fast food giant.


Which of the following McDonald's menu items is the most popular?

The Happy Meal has become a dietary rite of passage for many kids across the globe. About 20 percent of all McDonald's orders are for Happy Meals.


What McDonald's dud is now known as the McFlopper?

Although all of these ventures failed miserably, the McLean Deluxe takes the cake, er, bun. Composed of beef and seaweed, the low-fat sandwich tasted about as bad as it sounds.


If you're traveling abroad, what food might you find on an international McDonald's menu?

McSushi could work, but gazpacho (made by PepsiCo) pops up on some menus in Spain.


McDonald's committed a major cultural faux pas by offering what item?

The McAfrica sandwich was released in Norway in 2002 -- during an African famine. It consisted of beef, veggies, pita and a heaping helping of controversy.


From 2003 to 2007, McDonald's purchased 59 percent more of which popular ingredient?

Why did the chicken cross the road? To hop into a McDonald's fryer.


Who was the original McDonald's mascot?

The McDonald brothers named their kitchen efficiency method the Speedee System with a hamburger-headed chef as the mascot. Perhaps Hamburgler knows of the late Speedee's wherabouts.


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