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"Hello, Wisconsin!"

For eight years, you might've been "hanging out, down the street" with the Foremans, and if you were, this is the quiz for you!

In 1998, "That '70s Show" premiered on Fox and would go on to last a successful eight seasons with 200 episodes. Starring Topher Grace, the series followed the young teen, Eric Foreman, and his group of friends. With a dynamic group of friends, the cast was rounded out with actors and actresses like Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and Laura Prepon. 

Throughout their 200 episodes, were you paying attention or did you have too many 'special' brownies to remember? We're looking for the grooviest person to pass this quiz!

What does Eric say he loves when Donna admits her love for him? What did the gang spray paint onto the water tower? What kind of car did Red give Eric?

All these questions could only be answered by a "That '70s Show" pro, but there are still some questions even you couldn't answer! Will Eric and Donna make it? Will Jackie and Fez make it? What the heck was Fez's real name? Luckily for you, you won't find those questions here!

For a groovy '70s fan, these questions should be easy, or you might find yourself at the end of Red's threat with a foot in your you know what! If you have "not a thing to do," solve it by proving you're the ultimate fan!

Which character on the show absolutely loves “Star Wars”?

Eric has been obsessed with Star Wars since the beginning of the show and he does look like Luke Skywalker.


Where does Donna end up seeing her parents hook up?

Midge and Bob always try to be a little adventurous to spice things up, so they figure, why not try the hammock?


What does Eric say right before his grandmother’s passing?

Eric told his grandmother “it wouldn’t kill you to be nice,” but it did.


Where does the gang want to bring Eric after his and Donna’s breakup?

What is the opposite of being sad? Happy and no other place can bring a smile like Funland! In this episode, Michael gets lost in Funland, so he reports himself to lost and found, but Hyde leaves without actually looking for him.


What does Fez’s girlfriend Caroline do when she thinks he is breaking up with her?

Caroline once revealed to Hyde that in order to simulate the pain of Fez leaving her, she would choke herself into unconsciousness.


What were the first words that Donna ever said to Eric?

Start as you mean to go along, as the saying goes! Donna promoted the name string bean, given how much taller she was than Eric and with him always being made fun of for being rather scrawny.


In the “Class Picture” Episode, what were Eric’s friends making fun of him about?

Seriously, what teenage isn’t mortified about having pimples any day, let alone picture day?!


When Eric and Donna go all the way for the first time, where does it occur?

Probably by far the most inappropriate place to be going all the way would be at your parent’s wedding.


Who does Jackie finally cheat on Kelso with after she is fed up by not receiving enough attention?

Ted wasn’t all that popular on the show but Jackie certainly wanted to get Kelso back for hurting her.


What does Hyde draw on Jackie’s face after she passes out in the episode “Tornado Prom”?

It's a rare woman that can look great with one of these no matter how pretty they are in the face!


What does Fez decide to wear to Jackie’s dinner party?

Fez isn’t about being fancy like he is about bringing humor to the table. This shirt is almost fancy!


In the “Christmas” episode, why doesn’t Kelso ask pregnant Brooke to stand up on her tippy toes?

Brooke was a smart and attractive librarian and the valedictorian of the high school class two years before Eric's class. Initially, Brooke did not trust Kelso and didn't want him in the child's life but Kelso convinced her to give him another chance.


What is Fez’s costume in his first trick-or-treating Halloween?

This is one of Fez’ favorite super hero’s he just wanted to be like the Dark Knight.


What is the name that Kelso gave the egg that Jackie gave him to take care of?

Kelso being so original just decided to add ‘y’ to egg and came up with the name. He was so proud of himself.


What does Eric get a tattoo of one time after drinking too much?

Eric had read Donna's journal and saw that she wishes he was more "wild", so he gets a tattoo done when he is drunk.


What singer is on the poster hanging on Donna’s door?

Led Zeppelin were an English rock band formed in London in 1968, most famous for their song "Stairway to Heaven."


What does Kelso thinks turns on girls quicker than anything else?

Kelso wants the girls to jump in his arms, one way or another.


In “The Keg” episode, what does Eric refer to Donna as while he is going to get the tap?

In this episode, the gang throws a party in a pool at a real estate model home after finding a keg while skipping school. Eric searches for a tap but Red and Bob find out about the party and try to locate the kids, while Kitty gets Bob's wife Midge drunk.


During season five’s Thanksgiving episode, who is responsible for saying to Hyde, “He replaced me with your mom?”

Laurie has never been the nicest and straight up cut Hyde down with what she said to him. Also in this episode, Red is so impressed by Eric's apparent maturity that he bumps Laurie from the adults' table and gives her seat to Eric.


In season eight at the bridal expo, who plays the role of the girl that Jackie most admires?

Stacy Wanamaker, played by Jenna Fischer, is the girl that Jackie admires most.


What does Red say to Eric after he and Kitty find him passed at the kitchen table in a dress?

In the final cutscene of this episode,Red and Kitty are jokingly talking about their sex the night before when Fez comes in wearing a dress and having woken up in a hangover saying "Oh what, you haven't woken up in a dress before?"


Where does Kitty think social services places abandoned children?

Kitty thinks social services places kids in a gymnasium so they have somewhere to run around and play.


What college does Donna and Jackie go visit while the boys go visit University of Wisconsin?

The ladies go visit Marquette University because it’s far from the boys.


Which feminist friend of Midge’s does Bob think is ‘neat?’

Sharon is one of Midge's friends from "Woman Warriors" and when she meets Bob in the Pinciotti kitchen, she tells Bob that she thinks that a married man who provides for his family deserves a hot meal when he comes home.


What is the name of Kitty’s goldfish that was bought by Red?

Kitty had been feeling like she's not needed, and so she wanted to get a pet.


Finish up this sentence, “Compared to Korea, this place is…”

Red referenced the fictional place Shangri-La and wrapped it in candy to add his dry humor to it.


What actress plays Hyde’s wife in season eight?

This Canadian blonde bombshell is a famous TV series actress.


What is Jackie’s middle name?

Jackie’s middle name is not ordinary at all…but neither is she.


What country is the character Fez from?

Fez’s actual country of origin is not revealed on the show, but Wilmer Valderrama, the actor who played Fez, is of Venezuelan descent.


What's the name of the local burger joint Jackie’s dad owns?

Jackie’s dad owned Fatso Burger because you get Fatso eating there.


What is Donna’s radio personality name after she gets hired?

Donna was known as Hot Donna on the radio which really upsets Eric because that’s his woman.


Which concert did Donna win two tickets to?

Hyde is also a huge Led Zeppelin fan, and throughout the show is wearing a shirt featuring the band.


What was the name of Fez’s ex-girlfriend that used to stalk him?

"Crazy Caroline" was portrayed by Allison Munn, who is also known for her work in What I Like About You (2002) and as Lauren on One Tree Hill.


Donna found some panties in Eric’s car. Who did they belong to?

Donna found her mother Midge’s panties in Eric’s car but could’ve sworn that he cheated on her with someone else.


Fez had lost his green card and wanted to go to Canada for a beer run. Where did he end up finding it?

Fez found his green card in his shoe, because that’s where everyone keeps important stuff…right?


What does Eric say to Donna after the first time she says “I love you?”

Eric is not ready to say “I love you”, so he say’s “I love cake…which is yummy and delicious”


What is Donna’s cat’s name?

Mr. Bonkers is only seen in one episode, "Kiss of Death," when Eric runs over the cat by accident after Red told him to put the Vista Cruiser in the garage.


What was Laurie born with?

Laurie was born with a tail that she had removed, so in all actuality – she isn’t perfect like she thinks she is.


Jackie has dated everyone except for?

Jackie never dated Donna’s love Eric out of respect for her friend... and also because she thinks he’s a dork.


What does Eric aspire to become in the episode “I’m a Boy”?

Eric has been made fun of for being scrawny for so long that he really wanted to know what it was like to be bigger.


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