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For many people, tree houses bring up nostalgic memories of childhood. But they are not just for children, with professionally built tree houses and tree house resorts gaining popularity. Take this quiz to see if you are ready to build your own tree house for your kids or yourself.

Which Roman emperor spent time in a tree house?

Other political leaders who spent large or small amounts of time in tree houses include Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth I.


Which famous rock star spent time in his tree house as an adult?

Though it is not where his famous Bed-In for Peace took place with wife Yoko Ono, Lennon spent many other days in his beloved tree house.


In what period did tree houses become popular among upper-class European adults?

Europe's wealthy elite enjoyed tree houses through the 16th and 17th centuries.


What television show sparked a resurgence in interest in tree houses during the early 1990s?

The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror Halloween special helped relaunch the popularity of tree houses.


In what U.S. state was the first tree-house bed-and-breakfast opened?

Takilma, Oregon's Out 'n' About Treesort is believed to have been the first of its kind. They even have an institute where you can learn how to build in trees.


What is the most important thing to consider in planning your tree house?

As with any structure, a tree house must be built on a strong foundation, even if that foundation is more than 10 feet in the air.


What type of tree is good for building in?

Sycamores and elms easily become diseased. Beech, oak or apple are among the better choices.


What is especially recommended for children's tree houses?

Railings are recommended for all tree houses, and plumbing is an amenity that could be installed in tree houses for "residents" of any age.


In what age tree should you build a tree house?

Older trees can become brittle and will die sooner. Young trees may not be as sturdy and you'd also have to allow for more future growth.


Other than disease, what else should you look out for while choosing a tree for a tree house?

A lot of damage by wind or lightning can indicate the tree might be unstable.


The strongest tree branches grow at what angle from the trunk?

When tree limbs grow straight out from the tree they are easier to build on and can support a lot of weight.


What part of the tree should you build in if you live in a very windy area?

By building lower you will minimize both the exposure your tree house has to wind and the amount of movement it has to endure.


What type of professional can best help you select the perfect tree in which to build your tree house?

Also known as tree surgeons, arborists can spot weak trees and can help you plan your construction in a way that will not damage the tree itself.


If built properly, how long will the average tree house last?

Maintenance and renovations can extend the life of your tree house, but if you are building your tree house for children, they may outgrow it by the end of its lifespan anyway.


How high are the tree homes of the Kombai people in Papua New Guinea?

The Kombai is an indigenous tribe of hunter-gatherers, who even practice cannibalism occasionally. They number about 4,000 and live in high tree homes in the jungle.


What are some of the benefits the Kombai people get from living in trees?

By living in the trees, the Kombai are protected from many of the dangers they would normally face in the jungle.


What is often required by law before you build a tree house?

If your tree house overlooks the neighbors' property, they may have to give you permission first, to avoid an invasion of privacy. Talking to them while planning can remove many problems.


About how many tree houses were built worldwide by professionals in 2007?

The majority of tree houses are still built by do-it-yourself types, but professionals often build fancier or larger ones. They have even built tree houses as large as 2,500 square feet!


What will you probably need if you include plumbing or electricity in your tree house?

Since plumbing and electricity require you to connect with your municipality's water or power supplies, you will probably need to get permits before you proceed.


How do bolts compare with nails for building tree houses?

Bolts are preferable to nails for many reasons. They are sturdier and stronger than nails, fewer are needed and trees will expand over bolts as they grow.


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