The Ultimate WWII Military Equipment Quiz

By: Jacqueline Samaroo
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About This Quiz

Fall in! Here is a look back at the military equipment which helped to make WWII the war to end all wars

It is a known fact that soldiers win wars, but what is also true is that they rely heavily on the equipment they have to help them do it. At the beginning of WWII, much of that equipment was brand-new tech which had been developed by both sides in the interwar years. As the war progressed, the Allied and Axis countries worked feverishly to stay one step ahead of each other while keeping their defenses up and hammering away at the enemy with offensive tactics.

All sorts of equipment featured prominently in WWII. Navigation devices, personal protection gear and a wide assortment of vehicles also played their part. It was firepower, however, which took center stage. From pistols, rifles and submachine guns to howitzers, anti-tank guns and missiles, the variety of weaponry was astounding. What would be even more astounding, however, is working through the quiz and being able to identify them. If you think you are up to the challenge, then it's time to proceed to battle stations as you duke it out with this quiz!

WWII history buffs will definitely overpower this quiz - but how will you do? Charge right in and find out!

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