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Ultrasonic welding is used widely in many industries -- including shoe manufacturing and auto making. How well do you know how this method uses sound to do what high temperatures normally do. Test your knowledge now.

In what decade was ultrasonic welding first introduced?

Ultrasonic welding was first introduced in the 1940s.


What materials are most commonly bonded by ultrasonic welding?

Plastic materials are most commonly and easily bonded together by ultrasonic welding techniques.


What force creates the heat in ultrasonic welding?

The sound waves vibrate the materials. The rubbing makes friction that creates the heat.


Which part of an ultrasonic welder delivers the sound waves?

The horn focuses the ultrasound vibrations and delivers them to the materials to be welded.


How does ultrasonic welding fuse plastic materials together?

The heat made by friction melts the plastics together.


How does New Balance use ultrasonic welding?

New Balance uses ultrasonic welding to bond materials with a hot melt film and to emboss materials.


Is ultrasonic welding a high- or low-temperature process?

Ultrasonic welding is a low temperature process.


What advantages does ultrasonic welding have over traditional welding?

Ultrasonic welding is fast, cheap and safe.


What does the booster of an ultrasonic welding apparatus do?

The booster amplifies the sound waves coming from the transducer.


The sonotrode is another name for which part of an ultrasonic welding maching?

Another name for the horn is the sonotrode. It focuses and delivers the sound waves to the materials to be welded.


What is the frequency range of sound waves used in ultrasonic welding?

Most ultrasonic welding machines use frequencies in the range of 20 - 40 kHz.


How does ultrasonic welding work with metals?

The heat made by friction burns away oxides and contaminants from the two metal surfaces. The metals can then bond together.


What auto maker has experimented with using ultrasonic welding to make aluminum chassis?

Ford Motor Company has explored using ultrasonic welding to make aluminum chassis in cars.


To make electrical connection, which technique is faster?

Ultrasonic welding is faster than soldering or conventional welding.


Which technique would you use to bond two steel girders in constructing a building?

Ultrasonic welding can only produce welds of about a millimeter or so. So, it would not be appropriate for steel girders. Conventional welding would be used.


What is the most likely occupational hazard of ultrasonic welding?

Ultrasonic welding can potentially damage your hearing. So, ear protection is commonly used.


In an ultrasonic welding machine, what does the transducer do?

The transducer or converter changes the high frequency electricity into high frequency sound (ultrasound).


What factors affect the ultrasonic welding process?

Ultrasonic welding is influenced by the frequency of the sound waves, the pressure used to hold the materials together, and the time of the weld.


What metals are most commonly welded ultrasonically?

Copper and aluminum are the most common metals welded utrasonicaly. Copper wiring and aluminum sheets have been used.


Besides automobiles, what things are made using ultrasonic welding?

Ultrasonic welding is used to make medical devices and product packaging.


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