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The ocean has always fascinated explorers and scientists, as well as vacationers seeking thrilling adventure. Check out our quiz and explore the unsurpassed beauty of the watery underworld.

Which of the following have taken place under water?

If an underwater wedding is your dream, you're not alone; it's been done many times before.


In 1916, filmmakers used a _____ to film footage for "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."

Though today you can shoot underwater footage with a $10 disposable waterproof camera, in 1916, filmmakers required a submarine to capture images for the silent film "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."


Underwater photography courses are available:

Underwater photography courses and experiences are available worldwide. You can take a course on underwater photography at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo that includes a dive that counts toward your PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Master Dive Certification.


Which of the following are common underwater activities?

Though snorkeling requires minimal equipment and instruction, scuba diving requires academic and practical training. Before you can start, you must earn a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certification card.


Which of the United States offers great snorkeling close to home?

For great snorkeling stateside, try the Florida Keys. They're home to some of the best snorkeling in the United States.


In Rurutu, Tahiti, you can snorkel with:

For a very unusual snorkel experience, try Rurutu, Tahiti. Between August and November each year, snorkelers can swim with the humpback whales who pass through the warm, shallow waters of Rurutu to mate and give birth.


In which underwater park can you find the underwater sculptures of Jason deCaires Taylor?

You can see the underwater sculptures of Jason deCaires Taylor at Molinere Underwater Park in Grenada. They are strikingly beautiful and serve as artificial reefs, as well.


In which location can you practice the dangerous sport of cave diving?

Underwater cave diving is one of the most difficult and dangerous sports. Two popular cave dives are at Peacock Springs State Park in Florida and the Blue Hole in Dahab, in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.


You can find family-friendly underwater submarine trips in:

For family-friendly underwater submarine trips, you can travel to Hawaii, Guam or the Caribbean where Atlantis Submarine Tours have been offering trips since 1986.


On a submarine tour, you can view the wonders of the ocean from:

Your whole family can enjoy an undersea adventure with a submarine tour. From the comfort and safety of an enclosed viewing gallery, you can explore coral reefs and other underwater wonders.


What do submarines have that scuba suits do not?

On a submarine tour, you will have the convenience of bathroom facilities and you will not feel any uncomfortable pressure changes, either.


In a wet sub, divers breathe through:

In a wet sub, you will need to breathe through scuba diving gear, but the advantage of increased dive time and the ability to transport gear easily make this a popular choice.


In a semi-dry sub, divers breathe through:

Though divers sit chest-deep in water in a semi-dry sub, they're able to breathe without any diving gear.


How much does a personal submarine cost?

You can purchase a prefabricated, semi-dry personal submarine from International VentureCraft Corporation with prices starting at $30,000.


Which hotel is the world's first undersea hotel?

The world's first undersea hotel, the utilitarian Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida, opened to the public in 1986. The Hydropolis in Dubai and the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji, currently under construction, promise unsurpassed luxury and underwater adventure.


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