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We might envy people who don't have to battle the bulge because they have good genes or naturally high metabolisms, but they're at risk for some health issues as well. Do you know what they are?

Body mass index, or BMI, is a measure of body fat that takes into account a person's weight and height. What BMI indicates someone is underweight?

A BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 indicates normal weight; anything less than 18.5 is underweight. That means a person who is 5-foot-9 and weighs 124 pounds would be underweight.


What is the term used to indicate infants and children who fail to gain adequate weight during their first years of life?

Infants and children who don't hit normal milestones of weight gain are often said to have a "failure to thrive." Failure to thrive might be caused by an underlying condition such as infection or illness. It's important for babies to gain weight to support their brain development.


Extreme weight loss can be a symptom of which of the following?

Losing a lot of weight suddenly and without really trying to can be a symptom of diabetes or depression.


Why are underweight people at risk for diabetes?

Scientists believe that the very same genes that keep a person very thin may also cause body fat to be stored around vital organs. While the person may appear very skinny, without an ounce of body fat, it's actually just hidden. That means underweight people discount their risk of diabetes, which is often depicted as an overweight person's problem.


What's the best way for someone who is underweight to gain weight?

Healthy weight gain should take as long as healthy weight loss, which means that underweight people shouldn't just abandon good habits like exercise and nutrient-rich foods. Skip the fast food and instead consult a nutritionist about how to each several small, healthy meals through the day.


Why are underweight people at risk for osteoporosis?

Fat is necessary for estrogen production, which in turn provides bone density. People with too little body fat don't produce enough estrogen to keep their bones in tip-top shape.


Which fertility issue are underweight women most likely to face?

Underweight women not only have a harder time conceiving that women of normal weight, they also have a high incidence of miscarriage.


Underweight people are at risk for anemia. What is the No. 1 symptom of anemia?

Underweight people may feel easily fatigued, which is the main symptom of anemia. This condition occurs when people eat nutrient-poor diets, which affects red blood cell count.


Which of the following conditions are underweight men most likely to face, according to several studies?

According to several studies, underweight men are at a significantly higher risk to commit suicide, and they are more likely to successfully carry out the act than people of higher weights. Scientists posit that an underweight body doesn't produce enough serotonin, a chemical linked to happiness.


Underweight women are at risk of serious fertility issues. Are underweight men at the same risk?

According to one study, men who are underweight are 22 times more likely to experience persistent sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and pain during sex. Obese men had a 71 percent risk of problems compared to men of normal weight.


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