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Did the current recession take the wind out of your 401K? Did the value of your stock portfolio deflate like a bad party balloon?

Of the following, which increases the value of an antique board game?

While it's true that a game's age and manufacturer could effect the item's value, an antique board game in good condition with all its pieces and original box is extremely desirable.


Why are Confederate Civil War artifacts often a better investment than Union Civil War artifacts?

The Confederacy might have lost the war, but it certainly won in the world of antiques. Confederate artifacts, especially soldiers' uniforms, guns, and personal items are rare because most did not survive the conflict.


Which of the following impacts the value of a classic car more?

Just because a car is old and hasn't been in any accidents, doesn't mean it is valuable. A car painted in the original factory color, is a good investment.


Which is the best way to tell whether the top and lower sections of an antique dresser belong together?

If the upper and lower sections of a dresser is fashioned out of two different pieces of wood, chances are they were not meant to be together.


How might you tell whether an antique flag is real or a reproduction?

A hand-sewn flag, not its condition or the number of stars on its canton, is a tell-tale sign the standard is an original.


Does cleaning a painting affect its value?

Restoring and repairing a painting can keep the item as close as possible to its original state, thereby making the work valuable. However, over-cleaning can ruin a painting by destroying its integrity.


What is one way to tell whether a sports collector knows an item is authentic?

The marketplace is full of counterfeit items. Guides only show what an item should look like. And don't ever take the word of a dealer. Instead, if you can, purchase an item with a hologram. Holograms are a scientific way to ensure an item's authenticity.


What is one way to tell whether a toy bear is a Steiff?

You can tell a Steiff bear from others by the famous button in the ear. Steiff bears without the button are not as valuable.


Which is more desirable to art collectors?

Although mutts are loveable, they're not valuable in the art world. Dogs such as setters and retrievers are more desirable than any other type of dog.


How might you tell a fake autograph from a real autograph?

A signature written in one continuous motion, tends to be real. The type of letter--cursive or block--won't yield any information on the legitimacy of the signature. Neither will the paper's color.


Which section of the country might you get top dollar for selling Asian art?

Asian art often fetches the best price on the West Coast, where there is a large Asian population.


Which of these rock 'n' roll stars commands the most money for memorabilia?

Former Beatle John Lennon is the king of rock 'n' roll memorabilia. His signature even commands more money than the autographs of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.


Does a certificate of authenticity impact the value of a piece of art?

A certificate of authenticity is meaningless unless signed by the artist, the publisher or an acknowledged expert.


Is France the best place to sell French art?

French furniture really doesn't sell well in France.


Why would a piece of antique furniture be worth more if the wood was hand sawn?

A piece of hand-sawn furniture is worth more than a machine-hewed piece. The roughness of hand-sawn wood is a sign that the piece was built in the late 16th and 17th centuries.


Which Native American artifacts are the most valuable?

Items from extinct tribes, such as the Mandan, are more valuable because of the rareness of the items. Arrowheads are common. Scalps are valuable, but hard to sell.


What is one reason why the price of ivory has increased over the years?

The various laws regarding the sale of ivory are complicated. Buying and selling ivory is illegal, except if it was harvested before the laws were enacted.


Which of the following factors determines the price of high-end wine?

More than vintage or taste, supply and demand drives the value of fine wine. When the supply is limited, prices go up.


In what year was the most expensive Barbie created?

De Beers designed the most expensive Barbie in 1999. Designers dressed her in a gown studded with 160 diamonds. It sold for $85,000.


What type of clock is a better investment?

Better known as grandfather clocks, tall case clocks can sell for thousands of dollars, as opposed to a few hundred dollars for most mantel and banjo clocks.


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