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Its speed and ground-shattering firepower make it the most feared military force on planet Earth. How much do you know about the U.S. Air Force?

About how many active personnel are in the Air Force?

It also has more than 175,000 civilian personnel, along with reserves and Air National Guard.


How many pilots are in the Air Force?

There are also about 3,300 navigators and 1,400 air battle managers.


In what year was the Air Force created as a separate branch of the military?

That's right, it wasn't until after the end of WWII that the Air Force was formed.


About how much has the F-35 Lightning II fighter program cost so far?

It is the most expensive weapons program in history and is still in testing phases.


How many enemy planes must a pilot shoot down before being considered an "ace?"

The best U.S. fighter pilot in WWII was Richard Bong, with 40 kills; a German pilot named Erich Hartmann shot down a whopping 352 planes during WWII.


About what percentage of Air Force personnel are female?

Women perform critical duties, just like their male counterparts.


In what year were women first trained as Air Force pilots?

Women have been training as pilots for about four decades.


Who was Paul W. Tibbets?

Two days later, the Air Force dropped a second bomb, which helped to end the Pacific War.


In what year were black men authorized to train as pilots?

The National Defense Act of 1940, signed by Franklin Roosevelt, allowed blacks the opportunity to become pilots.


About how many aircraft does the Air Force have at its disposal?

It is easily the most powerful air force in the world.


What's the average age of the Air Forces' aircraft?

The current Air Force is the oldest (and smallest) since the service branch was created.


What is the Air Force's motto?

Yes, it looks like a high school football team's fight song.


What's the approximate budget of the Air Force?

High-tech warplanes and jet fuel cost lots and lots of money.


Air Force Capt. Chuck Yeager is best known for what?

He broke the sound barrier in 1947 in his rocket-powered X-1 aircraft.


What was the "Bomber Mafia?"

Their belief in air power helped to make the Air Force a separate branch of the military.


Joseph C. McConnell is the top "ace" pilot in Air Force history. How many foes did he shoot down?

He shot down all 16 during a four-month stretch in the Korean War.


How many generals are there in the Air Force?

And there are 22,000 captains and 3,500 colonels.


About how many Air Force personnel are permanently stationed overseas?

The current Air Force is at its smallest size in many years.


How many enemy planes did Capt. Rickenbacker shoot down during WWI?

He was the most successful U.S. ace in WWI.


What was the Doolittle Raid?

It was led by Col. James Doolittle, who won the Medal of Honor for his efforts.


Before it was established as a separate entity, the Air Force was a part of which branch of the military?

It is now perhaps the most indispensable branch of the military.


What was the "Kettering Bug?"

It was a forerunner to the cruise missile, developed by the U.S. Army during WWI.


How many U.S. presidents have served in the Air Force?

They were Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, who trained as a fighter pilot.


If an aircraft's name begins with the letter "A," its primary purpose is for what kind of attack?

Planes like the A-10 are meant to attack enemy ground forces and to provide close support to friendly troops.


How many U.S. airmen died in WWII?

Only the infantry suffered more losses than the Air Force.


Why was writer Hunter S. Thompson given early discharge from the Air Force?

The famous writer was not exactly known for his adherence to rules and regulations.


What is the specialization of aircraft with names that start with "H?"

Planes like the HC-130 can provide equipment, crew and fuel for intenstive search and rescue missions.


The Air Force shares its birthday with what other well-known government agency?

Both were created on Sept. 18, 1947.


How many combat missions did Gene Roddenberry (of "Star Trek" fame) execute during his time in the Air Force?

He flew combat missions in the Pacific War and earned medals for his performance.


Who were the Tuskegee Airmen?

The class had only 12 members but left a permanent mark on aviation history.


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