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In a dog-eat-dog world, these soldiers take the helm in fighting foes of freedom. How much do you know about United States generals?

In the history of the U.S. Army, how many service members have ascended to four-star general?

Four-star generals are also called "full generals."


The father of which general served as mayor of Los Angeles?

Patton's father was well-known long before his son became a celebrity.


How many U.S. generals later became president?

There is a strong correlation between military excellence and an eventual trip to the White House.


In which war did George Washington first serve?

Washington was captured during the conflict but then was quickly released.


Which general never led troops in battle?

And yet, his expertise in diplomacy and policy were respected by everyone.


How many U.S. generals emerged from West Point's 1915 graduating class?

It included Omar Bradley, Dwight Eisenhower and many more.


Which general served as the director of the CIA?

He was also U.S. Under Secretary of State and U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union.


Which general won fame for his leadership during the Mexican-American War?

In a manner similar to George Washington, his heroics led to a stint in the White House.


Which general came out of retirement to serve as secretary of state?

Marshall played a critical role in organizing campaigns of WWII


Which general was famous for carrying handguns with ivory handles?

He also had his initials carved into those pistol.


Why was George Washington selected as general of the army at the beginning of the American Revolution?

He had the military experience and was angry about British taxation policies.


Why was Andrew Jackson known as "Old Hickory?"

Like a lot of generals, Jackson was known for his fiery demeanor.


How many Silver Star medals did Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. earn?

He earned two Purple Hearts, too, during the Vietnam War.


During WWII, about how many men did Omar Bradley have under his command?

It was the biggest group of soldiers to ever serve under an American field commander.


Which general earned the nickname "Old Rough and Ready?"

Unlike some leaders he was always ready to get into the thick of things with the men under him.


Before his rise to fame, Ulysses S. Grant served under which general?

He was under Taylor's command during the Mexican-American War.


Gen. Douglas MacArthur won the Medal of Honor during which WWII campaign?

He had a bucket load of other medals, too, including three Distinguished Service Crosses.


Why was Douglas MacArthur relieved of duty during the Korean War?

Truman didn't appreciate MacArthur's outspokenness; the general received a hero's welcome when he returned to the States.


Which general rode his military credentials to the governorship of New Hampshire?

He was first a lawyer and joined the army as a private.


How did the British media treat George Washington during Revolutionary times?

Contrary to common sense, journalists respected Washington and some feared his skills would irreparably harm the British Empire.


How many times was Rutherford B. Hayes wounded during the Civil War?

But unlike many of his men, he actually survived.


Which general was nicknamed "The Bear?"

He was burly and known for his explosive temper.


Which general was famous later in life for his hatred of squirrels?

After he was elected president, the squirrels kept ruining the White House putting green.


Why was George Patton forced to repeat his first year at West Point Academy?

He had a particularly tough time with math.


Which general is known partly for being the only U.S. president who was the grandson of another president?

He was the grandson of William Henry Harrison.


Which general later became the first U.S. president to ride in a helicopter?

His famous trip through the air happened in 1957.


Which general earned the nickname "Old Fuss and Feathers?"

He got the name for being a stickler for military protocol.


How old was James A. Garfield when he became a major general?

He was the youngest officer in the Civil War to hold such a high rank.


How long did Winfield Scott serve in the U.S. military?

He dedicated most of his adult life to serving.


John J. Pershing led a famous chase after which person?

He didn't catch Villa, but Pershing became a celebrated figure who commanded the respect of his men.


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