Quiz: Are You a U.S. History Expert?
Are You a U.S. History Expert?
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Do you see yourself as a U.S. history buff? From knowing about colonial times to the Cold War, do you dominate trivia night whenever the American history questions pop up? Do friends ask you to keep your commentary to yourself while the group binge watches a historical drama or documentary series? While others spend their summer at the beach in flip-flops and suntan lotion, do you bring the past to life in your tricorn hat or bonnet? Then buckle your shoes, Pilgrim, because we have the quiz for you.

Not a history buff? That’s all right. Maybe you only took history because Coach said to take it. Whether you see yourself as a scholar or not, you might find you know more than you think you know. After all, American history is more than just flipping flash cards and memorizing dates. American history is the story of all of us. The American saga of these beautiful and spacious skies unfolds over hundreds of years and winds from sea to shining sea. So whether you sat in the front row or took a snooze in the back during history class, we want you to test your U.S. history knowledge with this pop quiz!

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