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By sea and by air, it is one of the most formidable military outfits on the planet. This proud branch is older than the country itself. How much do you know about the United States Navy?

About how many Navy personnel are on active duty?

Of those, about 53,000 are officers.


How many people are in the Navy's ready reserve, the reserves who are most likely to be called to active duty?

The Navy Department also has more than 200,000 civilian employees.


Who was the earliest proponent of a navy during the American Revolution?

Washington had the foresight to understand that a strong navy was imperative to military survival.


What percentage of Navy service members are female?

There are nearly 12,000 female Navy officers.


What do all U.S. submariners have in common?

The Navy only wants you in the cramped environs of a submarine if you really want to be there.


What was the name of the first armed ship of the American Revolution?

It was named for the wife of Gen. John Glover.


About how much does it cost to build a modern aircraft carrier?

Navy proponents are quick to point out that carriers can shape the entire region of conflict just by showing up.


In 1781, how many ships were in the Continental Navy?

The Navy was essentially disbanded once the Americans defeated the British.


The special forces unit of the Navy is called what?

SEAL stands for Sea, Air and Land teams, and they are one of the best-trained forces in the world.


In earlier days, Navy tattoos were symbols for what?

In today's Navy, however, tattoos are mostly discouraged.


In a ship's name, what does the USS stand for?

This naming standard wasn't put into place until the early 20th century.


How many aircraft carriers does the U.S. Navy have?

The definition of aircraft carrier varies depending on whom you ask, but the Navy has 19 of these massive boats.


By what ratio was the U.S. Navy outnumbered during the War of 1812?

Fortunately for the young United States, many of Britain's ships were tied up fighting Napoleon.


The Navy's TOPGUN school was founded to improve which pilot skill?

Poor air-to-air fighting in Vietnam caused a revamping of dogfighting training, and the plan worked, drastically improving the pilots' performances.


How many submarines does the U.S. Navy have for its various missions?

In second place is North Korea, with about 70 subs; China and Russia come in third and fourth, respectively.


How many deployable battle force ships does the Navy currently have at its disposal?

About half of those ships are currently in use for operations or training.


About how many aircraft does the Navy have for its use?

The Navy has more aircraft than ships.


What is the primary function of the Navy's Seabees?

These teams construct bases, pave airstrips and provide vital functions for the Navy all over the world.


What animal appears on the Navy's maritime flag that is flown on the jackstaff?

It also features the words, "Don't tread on me."


How many future presidents served in the Navy during WWII?

Everyone from Kennedy to Nixon served in WWII.


What is the Navy's motto?

The Navy's anthem is called "Anchors Away."


How many officers have the privilege of flying with the Blue Angels, a flight demonstration squad?

These pilots hail from the Navy and the Marines, and they showcase America's power through amazing displays of aircraft maneuvering.


The trident insignia that Navy SEALs wear is sometimes nicknamed what?

It looks a little like the famous beer logo, but this is also a nod to BUD/S training, which all SEAL trainees must survive.


The Navy's littoral combat ships are designed to operate optimally in which environment?

The littoral area refers to locations that are near a shoreline.


Which class of ships are sometimes called the "greyhounds of the sea?"

Destroyers are fast and intended to defend other ships in a convoy.


How many aircraft can the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier take on a mission?

And more than 3,000 sailors make up the ship's company, making it a powerful force no matter where it travels.


How long did it take to construct the USS Theodore Roosevelt, the newest aircraft carrier in the Navy's fleet?

It was a mammoth project that required nearly 50,000 tons of structural steel.


How long is the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier?

And it towers nearly 20 stories above the waterline, terrifying any enemies unlucky enough to catch sight of her.


How many major types of submarines are there in the U.S. Navy?

They include attack, cruise missile and ballistic missile subs.


The Navy's DD-21 ships were the first ships to be powered by what?

The electric power plant powers the propulsion and all of the ship's systems.


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