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Some ships serve with great distinction, especially in times of conflict. How much do you know about famous U.S. Navy ships? Take this quiz to find out.

In what year was the USS Constitution launched?

Launched in 1797, it is (believe it or not) still afloat and considered to be in active service, roughly 220 years after its introduction.


How long was the USS West Virginia submerged after being sunk during the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor?

More than a year after it was sunk, the ship was pulled from the depths and repaired. It then took part in battles against the Japanese navy that nearly destroyed it.


The USS Enterprise (CV-6) was sometimes simply known by which nickname?

"The Big E" is one of the most famous and most highly decorated ships in the history of the U.S. Navy.


During World War II, which ship took part in more actions versus the Japanese navy than any other?

The carrier USS Enterprise survived battle after battle, becoming the most visible symbol of American naval power.


Where was the battleship USS Recruit constructed?

It was actually a wooden replica built right in Manhattan to attract recruits for World War I; it helped recruit tens of thousands of sailors.


What was the state name for the ship designated BB-62?

BB-62, or USS New Jersey, fought in World War II and the Korean and Vietnam wars.


In which year did the USS Carl Vinson first launch?

The supercarrier, which launched in 1980, has been used extensively during conflicts in the Middle East.


Why did the USS Buchanan have to withdraw from the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal?

Five sailors were killed during a friendly-fire incident, and it was months before the ship was repaired and sent back out into the fleet.


The USS O'Bannon was which class of destroyer?

In World War II the Fletcher-class ship received more service stars than any other destroyer.


What class of ship is the USS Missouri?

The Iowa-class battleship, often called the Mighty Mo, fought in World War II and wasn't decommissioned until the 1990s.


What sort of U.S. ship was damaged by suicide bombers in Yemen in 2000?

The destroyer USS Cole was docked in Yemen when the attack took place, killing 17 sailors. The ship was repaired and returned to service the following year.


How many sailors went down with the USS Thresher in 1963?

The USS Thresher sunk with 129 sailors during tests; it was the first nuclear submarine ever lost and is still the worst sub accident ever.


Which of the following was the last U.S. battleship to be completely built?

Commissioned in 1944 and eventually mothballed, the USS Missouri was brought out of retirement for service during 1991's Operation Desert Storm.


Before being completed as an aircraft carrier, the USS Lexington was originally designed to be what kind of ship?

In the middle of the ship's construction, its design was altered from battle cruiser to carrier in order to satisfy the demands of a 1923 treaty that put limits on the quantities of certain classes of warships.


In how many wars did the destroyer USS Nicholas serve?

After surviving three wars and being given 30 service stars, the ship was sold for scrap at the end of 1970.


During World War II, how many service stars did New Orleans-class cruisers earn?

The cruisers earned more than 60 service stars. The USS New Orleans alone earned 17 service stars, making the ship one of the most effective of the entire war.


During the Vietnam War, how did the USS Nicholas spend much of its time?

It patrolled the seas to prevent the North Vietnamese from smuggling in men and supplies.


The USS San Diego was particularly well-armed for what battle purpose?

With several anti-aircraft guns, the USS San Diego was among the most heavily armed World War II anti-aircraft ships.


How much did it cost to repair submarine USS Hartford after an accidental collision in 2009?

The $100 million mistake cost Cmdr. Ryan Brookhart his command of the ship.


Approximately how much did it cost to build the supercarrier USS George H.W. Bush?

The $6.2 billion ship launched in 2009 and can carry nearly 100 aircraft.


During the Battle of Guadalcanal, how many hits did the USS San Francisco receive from Japanese attacks?

Blasted at least 45 times, the ship was driven out of battle, but it was repaired and fought again during World War II.


How many battle stars did the USS Enterprise earn during World War II?

Battle stars (or service stars) were awarded to ships that made significant contributions to battles; the Enterprise won 20.


What actions did the USS Maury take after it was absent during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The destroyer missed the action at Pearl Harbor but later fought in numerous battles, eventually becoming one of the most decorated ships in Navy history.


Gridley-class destroyers were limited to how much standard displacement (the displacement of the ship when it is loaded and ready to sail)?

The U.S. built four of the 1,500-ton destroyers, which executed many missions in the Pacific during World War II.


How many Japanese subs did Fletcher-class destroyers sink during World War II?

These fast, powerful ships not only sunk 30 subs, but they also were highly effective against enemy aircraft.


During the Battle of Guadalcanal, how was the admiral aboard the USS Atlanta killed?

The USS San Francisco accidentally blasted the USS Atlanta, killing many U.S. sailors by friendly fire, including Adm. Norman Scott.


What happened to the badly damaged USS Minneapolis after the U.S. lost the Battle of Tassafaronga?

The ship limped to an island, and the sailors covered it with foliage and made enough repairs to sail back to safer waters.


In which World War II battle did the USS Johnston intentionally charge a vastly superior fleet to prevent the Japanese from destroying a U.S. landing team?

The small destroyer was destroyed as it valiantly fought off Japanese ships during the Battle off Samar.


What sort of ship was the USS Nautilus?

It was the first-ever nuclear submarine deployed. It launched in 1954 and redefined what subs were capable of.


What was the name of the ship designated CV-5?

The USS Yorktown was a gigantic carrier that was sunk during the Battle of Midway in 1942.


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