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Snowboarding is one of the fastest growing winter sports in the United States. Whether you're a freerider, freestyler or carver, there is a perfect snowboarding location for you. Check out our quiz and find the best snowy retreat for your winter sports fun.

How many people in the United States visited a ski or snowboarding area during the 2006-2007 winter sports season?

During the 2006-2007 winter sports season, about 55 million people visited a ski or snowboarding area. Twenty-eight percent of these visitors were snowboarders.


Which type of snowboarder prefers the untouched white snow found in the backcountry of the Western United States?

Freeriders are snowboarders who prefer the untouched white snow, also known as "the freshies," found in the backcountry of the Western United States.


Which type of snowboarder prefers well-groomed and well-marked land where they can sweep along the mountain?

Carvers prefers to sweep along the mountain. Freestylers, on the other hand, prefer terrain parks where there's room to practice rails, jumps, jibs and other snowboarding maneuvers.


Which mountain is great for snowboarding in Big Sky, Montana?

Big Sky, Montana, a ski and snowboarding area near Bozeman, boasts about 3,500 acres (14 square kilometers) of land and two mountains, Lone and Andesite.


Which mountain peak in Big Sky, Montana is a favorite of advanced snowboarders?

Ever since a tram was installed in 1995 to Lone Peak, the site has become a favorite of advanced snowboarders. Big Sky also features intermediate and beginner slopes.


What is the average annual snowfall in Kirkwood, California?

The average annual snowfall in Kirkwood is about 480 inches (12 meters) and the season extends from November through April.


How many terrain parks are there in Kirkwood, California?

Kirkwood has four terrain parks, covering 2,300 acres (9.3 square kilometers) and is suited to snowboarders of all experience levels.


Which Kirkwood, California terrain park is best for beginners?

In Kirkwood, California, beginners and children can learn to snowboard at the Adventure Land Beginner Park. The Rip Curl Playground is great for intermediate snowboarders and the expert-level Rip Curl/ Stomping Grounds provides advanced boarders with a real challenge.


Alpine Meadows, California offers _____ acres of snowboarding terrain.

Alpine Meadows, California offers 2,400 acres (9.7 square kilometers) of snowboarding terrain with runs for beginners, intermediate and advanced boarders. It was ranked in 2007 by Transworld Snowboarding as a top value resort.


On which side of Mount Hood in Oregon is Mount Hood Meadows located?

Mount Hood Meadows is located on the sunny and wind-protected east side of Mount Hood, Oregon and offers snowboarders a variety of trails. On average, Mount Hood Meadows sees about 430 inches (10.9 meters) of snowfall every year.


_____ in Sandpoint, Idaho is the largest resort in Idaho.

Schweitzer in Sandpoint is the largest resort in Idaho, covering 2,500 acres (10.1 square kilometers). Its attractions include the Outback Bowl and Glade-iater and the Stomping Grounds Terrain Park.


What percentage of the terrain at Mount Bachelor in Bend, Oregon is suited for advanced snow boarders?

Mount Bachelor, a sleeping volcano located in Bend, Oregon, covers 3,683 acres (14.9 square kilometers) of terrain, about 60 percent of which is suited to advanced and expert boarders.


Which of the following attractions are part of the ski and snowboard resort area at Mount Bachelor in Bend, Oregon?

At Mount Bachelor in Bend, Oregon, the Air Chamber Terrain Park includes quarterpipes, tabletops, jumps and rails. The Sunshine Park for beginners and kids includes a mini-halfpipe, while expert snowboarders love Mount Bachelor's 400-feet-long (121-meter) superpipe.


Which mountain is the tallest ski resort in California?

Mammoth Mountain is the tallest ski resort in California, with a peak elevation of 11,053 feet (3,368 meters) and more than 3,500 acres (14.2 square kilometers) of terrain.


How many halfpipes are featured at Mammoth Mountain in California?

Mammoth Mountain features the Super Duper Pipe, along with the Super Pipe and the Mini Pipe, making it the only resort in North America with three different sized halfpipes.


Which California snowboarding facility hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics?

Squaw Valley, California, the host of the 1960 Winter Olympics, has since turned into a state-of-the-art snowboarding facility, offering great conditions for snowboarders of all levels.


Which Squaw Valley mountain is named for the number of kick turns it took a skier to reach the valley from the summit?

KT-22 is named for the number of kick turns it took a skier to reach the valley from the summit of this challenging mountain. If you’re a beginner or intermediate snowboarder, don't despair; 70 percent of Squaw Valley's terrain is geared for beginner and intermediate boarders.


Which resort in Utah is its largest and the first in the area to allow snowboarding?

The Canyons Resort is Utah's largest resort with 3,700 acres (14.9 square kilometers) of terrain. The first in the area to allow snowboarding, it features more than eight peaks, 163 runs, two terrain parks and six natural halfpipes.


Which Utah resort is ranked in the top 10 of family resorts in North America?

Park City Mountain Resort in Utah is ranked in the top 10 of family resorts in North America each year. Its four terrain parks have been ranked by Transworld Snowboarding in the top 10 for five years in a row.


Which of Park City Mountain Resort's halfpipes hosts the World Superpipe Championships every year?

Park City's Eagle Superpipe hosts the World Superpipe Championships each year. In addition to its expert slopes, Park City offers terrain for every level of snowboarder.


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